Floriade - Up close and personal.

Not a lot of macro action from my Camera and I this year, with kids in tow but I did have lots of smiles observing everyone else in action with their Macro efforts. Who can resist with such beautiful subjects at the offering.


  1. Just gorgeous Tammy. Have a great weekend.

  2. These pictures are just beautiful. I hope you all had fun!:)

  3. hi tammy

    thought i would pop in and say hi... love your photos,they are so crisp and clear and i just love the flowers... they have given me a little more inspiration for my day ... well tomorrow they will come into play... take care...

  4. Loving the flower shots! I got a new macro lens for my good camera a couple of months back but have been so busy recently it's not got an outing! Must rectify that!

  5. gorgeous close ups T...you should print some out and use them on cards :)


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