Floriade - the fun ( and money )

Heres my last floriade post for this year

I set out with a very tight budget.
I did not know what to expect the rides to cost but took a wild guess that the ferris wheel might be $10.00 each. It was $7.00 each.

Taking the kids meant we were going to be spending on rides, it was intended as a fun day out and lets face it, walking around in crowds looking at flowers is at the height of the fun ratings in kids eyes and really not much fun at all for little ones.

Mr3 choose the cup and saucer much to my dismay this meant all three of us had to ride this and my stomach only just held up.

Miss 5 wasn't passing up the amazing jumping castle.

The giant slide was the best value and even better one of the attendants took Mr3 down each time, as when he got to the top on his first attempt Miss 5 left him up there as he faltered in fear.

I am happy to report that I came in just under my budget and everyone had fun, the way I managed to come in under was by asking them to choose carefully for their ride spending and with a bit of planning on my part.

By taking a picnic lunch, plenty of snacks, three full water bottles and saying no to ice cream. It was a hot day and ice cream would have been nice from one of the multitude of vendors around.
We put our blanket down in some shade and had lunch first, then another long sit down after our last ride of the day - the cup and saucer. Eating first also meant my load to carry was lighter ; )
Had we not been prepared with food I think we might have easily doubled the expenditure.

So for my first full Floriade experience with Children along it was a good one and I'm looking forward to doing it all again next year.


  1. Well done Tammy, what a great thing to have had so much fun and have no worries about how much you spent!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Annamaria :)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time without a spending blowout. It really isn't necessary to buy when you go out and I see it as a fun challenge to work with a budget when you go to a show/fair and find things that a free to do. Have a great weekend.:)

  3. Your good, i dont and never have done rides of any kind with my kids, i have always left that bit to Andrew. Sounds like you had a great day, the photos have been amazing.

  4. Looks like lot of fun, Tammy, and you did so well bringing your own food and asking the children to think carefully about the rides they wanted to go on. You are brave to go on the cup and saucer, I don't think I could have done it.

  5. well planned Tammy...they look happy enough too...excellent work mummy..:)

  6. What a wonderful day you had! Those flowers look so beautiful, but the rides do look like fun. Well done on coming in under budget - those events can be very very expensive.

  7. Hey Tammy,

    Another question- where do you get those hats? Did you make them? L'il B has a knack for losing hats. I started putting my phone number in them... I am still waiting for the phone calls... Those ones are great. Have loved following the floral photos. Thanks ! Meagan.

  8. Looks like fun Tammy - and even more satisfying when you know you haven't blown the budget. More spare change for crafting supplies? Nice to catch up on your blog this morning - I've been "absent" for a while. Hope you have a great week. Love Anita. xx


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