Floriade - Fields of flowers.

Yesterday we went to Floriade.
Its one of those yearly events that I really enjoy but I don't seem to make it every year. I missed last year.
This was the first year I took the kids along so my focus was a little different.
I did take lots of photos and will share them in various posts. This is my fields of flowers, there will also be Up close and personal - a good camera macro workout, A birds eye view - featuring the ferris wheel, probably some bird shots and maybe some kid shots too... LOL

These posts will be lots of photos, few words.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for brightening up my day! xo Meagan.

  2. They really were beautiful flowers. Shame it was so cold when we went so we couldn't stand still for long! :D

  3. Aaaah, how beautiful. Thank you for brightening up my miserable Melbourne day :)

  4. Its a shame tulips are only around for a shot period of time... They are simply stunning!!

  5. Really beautiful photos Tammy, I love seeing flowers planted on mass they look so gorgeous.:)

  6. I lived in Canberra, 1990-1992, floriade is amazing, the work that goes on behind the scenes, I can't imagine, thanks for the picks

  7. They look like rainbows.

  8. So glad you got to go this year...gorgeous photos, so glad the displays are as good as ever despite dust storms and other unpredicable weather that it becoming normal!


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