A break ...

... in my Floriade Broadcasting.
There will be one more Floriade post ... about the 'fun' and just my thoughts on spending for/at events etc.

Look what is happening here at home, the Lilac is in full bloom. I'm enjoying some flowers again this year before I remove the main flowering section of the tree as a part of my three year pruning plan, It is an overgrown bush, most of the flowering section is way above my head - I actually had to climb to cut these.

Now I'll show you the Cuddle hearts I made on Sunday. One for each of my Children, I took the pattern from Amanda Soule's 'Handmade home' book, she calls it family heart.
When my daughter saw me slip stitching the opening she shouted in excitement 'Oh Mum you made us some cuddle hearts!'
So that's what they are 'Cuddle hearts' we, each parent, put a note into each pocket and the children took them to their sleepover. It was their first time away from home without a parent.

Little Miss's pyjama pants wore through on the knee so last night I made her a pair from an old pair of mine that wore through ... in the bottom area ... too much sitting down ?? lol

I kept the existing hems and side seams from the original pants, in the smaller pair.
It was good to whip these up in under an hour from cutting to completion. It had me reflecting on that first pair of pyjama pants I made from a paper pattern just a few months ago. My confidence and ability has really improved.

The glass in the oven door was replaced this morning...
Stay tuned for baking. ; )


  1. I love the cuddle hearts idea. My eldest still takes a piece of my clothing with her on nights away. I think it's time I make her one of these.

  2. oh well done on the PJ pants!!

    I made O a similar heart a few years ago but I love the idea of having a pocket to tuck notes into.

    Love your flowers...I so miss experiencing a true Spring :(

  3. The pjs are fab and I love the hearts - super sweet.
    Yay for new oven glass too!!

  4. gorgeous little hearts Tammy...and great pj's...:)x

  5. uncommon crochet is a gorgeous book T...worth it...:)

  6. How interesting that you have lilac brushes blooming with flowers. Lilacs in California bloom in May and June.

    Love those little cuddle hearts. So sweet.

    Cute pj bottoms.

  7. Those hearts are adorable! What a cute idea! I have been loving the Floriade photos. xo Meagan.

  8. I cut my lilac down to a meter off the ground last year and you should see it......amazing!! dont be afraid to do a massive big chop...they love it!! (oh, wait until it is a bunch of sticks before you chop!!)

  9. That lilac is so pretty, pretty colour and pretty flower, i dont think that i have ever seen them before. The hearts are cute what a good idea.
    Happy cooking

  10. The hearts are so cute.

  11. What fun cuddle hearts! Lucy has only had one sleep over and I am not ready for another one yet(!!!)But if she does, I will try to make one for her too...Very sweet- Good job on the pajamas too!!
    Annamaria xx

  12. I love the cuddle hearts! What a sweet way to send some love and comfort with your children when they sleep away from home.

  13. Wow! You really are getting good on the sewing front. I need to catch up. :)

  14. I love the idea behind those hearts Tammy, they are beautiful. My Miss 10 had her first sleep over recently and that would have been perfect for her.

    Way to go on the pj pants, they look great.

  15. oooh tammy those cuddle hearts are adorable!! how sweet!

    & you have me giggling w/ your pj pants worn out from too much sitting down! hahahaha! omgosh! i think i'd better check my pj pants too! hahaha!


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