You have to love an oven ....

That has things like this peppered through the user manual. Please excuse my scanning, as I sat to read it this afternoon I spilled my Tea on it and its a little warped now ... Whoops.

The very busy company that I had originally booked for a installation quote came over yesterday, friendly tradesman, seemed knowledgeable too. He was empathetic to my story of no oven for 4 weeks and other tradies who were booked in but didn't show up to do the job. The earliest that they could do the install was early next week. He said he couldn't guarantee anything but would ask the Boss if they could shuffle.

I got a call this morning saying that they would be here at approximately 12 O Clock on Friday. Which leaves me enough time to run it in and cook dinner in it!

A Two day window to make some lovely 'Artisan Bread in 5 mins' Dough up and store in the fridge ready!


  1. Woohoo!! Baking all weekend for you xox

  2. I love that they are so concerned about saving energy and being green. That is awesome! You must be so excited about getting it installed ... a month without an oven is a long time.

  3. Friday will be a good day for you. We have gotten all new appliances to be more "green" and energy efficient. Feels good. Nice looking bread. Have a nice afternoon. Dogwood

  4. Wow, you have been busy since I last popped in, hope you love all the new appliances ... you've waited sooo long.

  5. I must say that i never ever happen to have a "baked custard" that happens to need finishing of in a warm turned off oven although it does make you think.
    I must get back into the bread making as well, i made a dough on Sunday and thanks to you i have just remembered that it is there waiting. I will be thinking of you on Friday and waiting for the pics.


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