One Year ago ...

I had a cough was a bit run down.

I was watching my supermarket garlic stuck in the ground as an experiment shoot up. I had just received my first strawberry runners, Carrot and Zucchini seeds in the mail, I had just bought my fist batch of EllyB organic skin care products that I now love and adore.

I was spending a lot of time digging.

I was dealing with the sickness of my daughter Mis-diagnosed and mis-medicated for about a month before we finally found a doctor willing to investigate and give credit to what we were saying as parents. She had bronchitis.

I had removed the rails from my babies cot, making it more 'big' bed like.

I was getting well into the habit of failsafe 'avoid these additives' shopping, I had been experimenting with freezing cookie dough and making ice blocks from fruit and yoghurt.

When I first started to blog about the changes I was making in our lives there was a lot of focus on reducing debt and money, I blogged about it on a private blog that just a few friends had access to.

I was so happy to have inspired 4 friends to try something different to put them on a healthier happier path.

In September last year when our credit card debt was back down to zero, I was in a happy place and I blogged one day reflecting on how I was feeling about what I was doing and this was the end of that post...

"Any way for the record I'm just writing to say how proud I am of myself for what I am achieving here and especially how far I have come this Year when I look back to Dec and think about where my head was at.

I am a strong, principled, thoughtful, sensitive, happy, busy, kind, sane, sensible girl.
I am a grown up.

and right now on this glorious day, in this glorious year with my freezer well stocked and my washing drying in the sun, I am feeling satisfied and I am Damn proud of myself!"

One year on ... Ditto, ditto, ditto to my own wise words.
I am so glad I opted to bring my journey out into the open, every person who says they enjoy reading my blog or that I have encouraged them to try even one new thing refreshes my faith in and enthusiasm for what I am doing every day and I am so grateful to be able to connect with the like minded people who visit me here.

I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead


  1. Good on you Tammy! It is so important to stop every now and then to assess where we are, what we are doing and how we are doing it and it is such a fantastic feeling when we like what we see and who we are. Keep on enjoying the journey.

  2. lol, oh tammy, even creatively plating up meals :) Well done, Im so happy for you. its not often that we look at ourselves and feel a sense of pride. i love coming here and its always the last stop i make in my updated blog list cause i love saving it til last, having a bit of anticipation about what ur day has been made up of. ur blog puts my head in a happy space :)

  3. Just found your blog. It is great to read. keep up the great work keeping us inspired to live a happy life.fantastic!

  4. Bravo Tammy a great post, you should be very proud of yourself. As one of your fairly new readers i say thanks, i find your blog very inspiring and "down to earth" and always look forward to your posts.

  5. You have every right to be proud. Reading your blog sure does inspire me....I have a long way to go on the road to decreased debt and increased wellbeing, but the journey has begun. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend. Love Anita. xx

  6. Congratulation and thanks for the important words. You are doing a great job and an inspiritation. I will keep coming back to you thoughtful blog.

  7. Tammy this is a lovely blog post, good on you!! It is great to hear you being so proud of yourself and your achievements, you surely should be. I enjoy reading about your journey and get inspired to try and be myself. Thank you Tammy!

  8. Well done Tammy, big hugs to you!!!
    Your blog is certainly an inpiration and I am so glad I have found you, oh wise one...
    thank you,
    Annamaria xx

  9. What a great post Tammy. Part of me "growing up" was realising and acknowledging when life was good. We are quick to say when things are crap and to let them get us down. We talk to family and friends and find ways to get through. We need to spend just as much time saying 'life is great' when it is. Your post is doing this. Acknowledging how clever you are and are still trying to be. How you put yourself out of your comfort zone and amazed yourself. I am smiling at you and for you. xx

  10. Well done, so good to revisit all that you have, and continue to, accomplished.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.


  11. I'm glad you decided to bring your journey out in the open, too. Eliminating credit card debt is a big deal and you should definately feel proud of yourself! Thanks for all that you share.

  12. Well done, Girl.

    Isn't life an on-going evolution? Enjoy each day as they are all special.

    Sue Caissy


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