New Oven, Installed !

I am so happy to have a working oven once again.
It is currently being 'run in' as advised by the installer and manufacturer to remove any of the 'new' odours.
I love so many of the things about it

*It has some telescopic slides in it and one attachment for these is a 'pizza' tray. It looks like a cookie sheet to me ; ) and the other attachment is a big deep cast iron baking dish!
*So good to have an oven with a see through door.
*Lights that work, multiple lights at that!
*A timer that works and can be set to stop!
*Also a clock that works while the oven is operating! - the old one would stop and then have to be reset so we just gave up using it!

It didn't matter what angle I took it from there was no avoiding the reflection on this sunny afternoon. So I shared the reflected view of my window and sink with you. : )
This oven sits more flush with the wall and taking the old Brown toned oven out has revealed the dodgy make it fit job and paint job done previously. Leaving us with some nice dark woodgrain laminate, just like the inside of the cupboard doors!

This was all of the recyclable packaging from the oven. I looked up every T.A.M.S (Territory and Municipal Services) web page I could to find out about this CFC free polystyrene and eventually I called and spoke to a lovely lady who told me it was fine to put out for kerb side collection but to break it into small pieces and bag it in plastic so that it wouldn't come loose and get caught under the flap of the truck.

This was the rubbish.

My pie is on the table thawing : )
The old oven out on the kerb for the Scrap guys to pick up in the morning.


  1. So happy for you T!!
    Enjoy that pie tonight...and all the baking I am sure will be happening over the weekend :)

  2. You oven looks wonderful. Enjoy your pie tonight. I guess you will be baking over the weekend. Does this mean the end of the pizza toasts?
    Have a good one

  3. Yay for the oven! Enjoy that pie and all future baked creations. Looks great in your kitchen too. ps my word verification is sconite, maybe it means you need to make a batch of scones.

  4. Oh wow , lucky you I'd love a new oven , a clean one even , lol !

  5. That is so wonderful Tammy! Have fun with your new toy and enjoy that yummy pie! It looks fantastic!:)

  6. Yay! Look at that beauty! So shiny and lovely. Better than diamonds I tell ya!

  7. Oh la la! It is a beauty. You must be SO happy. Have fun with your cooking. Happy weekend to you. Dogwood

  8. Gorgeous oven! You're so lucky to have a window to see inside while you're baking. Hope you enjoy :o)

  9. Wohoooo! Enjoy your new oven. I can smell something baking right now. :)

  10. Oooh, you will love it!!!!!! Yipeee

  11. Looks amazing Tammy. So lovely and shiny and modern and clean. Wishing you many happy meals cooked in this new beauty. Lucky girl!

    PS. How was the pie?


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