I have Mr 3 at home sick today.
We played some computer games together. One was a sticker book type of game it had a facility to enlarge or diminish the size of the 'stickers' and also a trash can icon. As I showed him what the + and - did he said "Click on compost mum"
Could I have possibly smiled wider ... I don't think so. I didn't correct him. : )

As we walked home from Pre School this after noon Miss 5 lamented that she never has anything to tell the class about except her little brother. "No Big sisters, No babies, No fun play equipment in the yard, we don't go to fun places ... I just want to tell them exciting things Mum."

**edited** to add this is a photo from winter.

I pondered what to offer her for a second ...
"Well my sweet what about our seeds that are growing, our tomatoes that just popped up or the lettuce on our window sill do you think that would be interesting?"
Then my thoughts gained momentum ...
"Thats a bit unusual don't you think? We have peas too, I don't too think many people get to grow their very own vegetables... How many Children's Mums do you think bake bread at home for them ... and do you think very many of those kids get a library bag made for them out of fabric they got to choose all by them selves, might that be exciting?"

I had her at seeds ... she was excited and I think I planted some seeds of thought as well. Its Normal for us ... but maybe special to someone else ... just like someone else's normal is exciting to her.


  1. Wonderful story.
    I can definately relate!

  2. Heartwarming!

  3. 'click on compost mum': now that's adorable.

  4. Tammy I hate to tell you this but my kids are 15 & 17 and they still say "this is boring here" and my son is great for opening the fridge and saying there is "nothing to eat" or more importantly "nothing good to eat!"
    Hope your son is feeling better.

  5. Too cute and true! Your life seems "special" to me. It's an inspiration I like to imagine I'll live up to.

  6. I love your "normal for us" revelation.

  7. Gosh T...beanies, jackets and all...we are sweltering already up here....the evenings and mornings are fresh but the bikini is rising higher in the drawer...LOL...happy day :)


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