Its the weekend

This is what Miss5 just lovingly and excitedly presented me with this morning, in a handmade envelope too! Its us on a Balloon Ride : ) This was the something nice she gave me in return for the nice different hairstyle I gave her today. I simply plaited her hair differently, it made her feel special. : )

For such a long time her baby library bag has been ripped. the seam had come apart, she has been asking and asking ... it was on my to do list. I was trying to work out how to best reinforce the seam with out changing the shape/size of the bag. Then I saw a tutorial on Betz Whites blog for changing produce bags, so I went ahead using this great idea. The original bag becomes the lining and you personalise the exterior.

I asked her to choose some fabric and as I didn't have any purple this was the immediate choice. This fabric actually made it quite easy for me as it doesn't have a one directional pattern so I had less cutting and seams to do. Only cutting one length and folding it in half, then sewing the side seams.

I love that this now has history, the lovely fabric being her now and the lining being the very first library bag given to her as a baby the two linking her past and future, love of books.

Now for those of you following my Bread journey. This is the Spinach Feta loaf, after I cut it warm yesterday afternoon. What I ate yesterday was what I would call bland, I was disappointed and wishing I had some Capsicum dip or spicy Salsa to complement it.
Thats not my final judgement though, its early days I wont let something that sounds so delicious be bland and I still have three loaves worth of dough to bake ; )


  1. Good idea to cover the ugly bag with something pretty.

  2. The bread looks great . I absolutely love that library bag !

  3. The library bag is lovely (great idea) and the bread looks yummy!

  4. Your little Miss seems to have inherited your love of paper with her handmade card and envelope. Such a clever idea to transform the bag. Looks great.

  5. I love the fabric your daughter chose for the bag. perfect.
    OH NO you inspired me to make a spinach and fetta loaf and my oven is on and its waiting for its 20minutes to heat up before it goes in.

  6. What a clever idea to save a well loved but torn bag. And it is showing your girl that old can be new. So clever.

  7. What a beautiful blog! I've read about a dozen posts, and like a good book I can hardly bare to leave a page unread. Love the idea about repurposing a calico bag as the inside of a new bag! Consider it on my to-do list as I teach myself to sew.
    Thanks again!

  8. Best of luck with the bread Tammy and like everyone else, the bag is great! Very clever. Love the fabric xox

  9. That picture is too sweet! I like how you are holding hands. :) Kids rock.
    Mmmm...the bread looks yummy!!
    :) tina

  10. Okay, this is the third time I am trying to leave a comment! My Internet connection is spotty. I really like the library bag. It is so special with the one as the lining. The fabric on the outside is so cute. I wish I could sew!

  11. What a fabulous idea to use the bag for the inside! and such pretty fabric she has chosen for the outside!


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