It's been a while ...

... since I shared any creating or talked about bread.

Today its bread, tomorrow creating.

Yesterday I made up a batch of the Soft white american style bread from the Artisan bread in 5 book. I halved the Salt and the Sugar in this recipe. I typically find these doughs too salty so reducing the salt is automatic and When The Mr's brother and wife lived over in Hawaii for a year they commented on how VERY sweet American bread was, so based on what they said and my salt opinion I took the sugar down too.

Ever since we cut out so many of the pre-prepared and convenience foods every now and then when I wake up in the morning I taste salt in my mouth, I can usually track it back to supermarket Pasta sauce the night before but it happens with these Artisan doughs too.

So Soft white American style bread ... I may have overestimated the butter in it. I didn't measure. I say that because working with the remaining dough today was a struggle, it was so very cold and hard, not easy to manipulate at all, I have had it resting for 1hr 40 and its not changed much, I might have to resort to the oven dough setting (yes my wonderful oven has a dough proving setting) The bread is softer than the Artisan Boule dough and a little sweeter, the texture is quite nice. My daughter prefers this bread, and I do see its more similar to supermarket/manufactured bread. I personally prefer Boule I like the crust and chewier texture of the Boule.

When I'm baking these in loaf tins I slash the surface in many slice sized increments they create a good guide for cutting when it cools.
I have enjoyed the S.W.A style bread with jam for morning and afternoon tea today.

Maybe next year I'll be eating it with homemade jam ??
Maybe in following years it will be jam made with homegrown fruit??
Well a girl can dream.

I have been sewing today and am feeling flat and tired I assume the same as DD coming down with a virus. I took lamb shanks out to prepare for dinner but might swap tonights plan out for tomorrows easier option I think. Have the lamb tomorrow. Its grey and windy here, cool and poured raining all night long.

Hope you are enjoying your hump day.


  1. Thanks for the tip about leaving slice marks on the dough before baking- I have been trying to figure out how to perfect the art of slicing my homemade bread. I'll definitely give it ago tomorrow when I bake a loaf.


  2. Mmmm. Homemade bread! I've been doing a bit of bread baking lately - using Jamie Oliver's recipe to make pizza bases and turning the leftover dough into bread. I've reduced the salt to 1/3 of the recipe (10g to 1kg flour). It's yummy!

    PS. I just saw your book cover on Rain & Shine - lovely!!

  3. There's bread kneading going on at our place at the moment. Bren and Jazzy are going by the River Cottage Bread Book.It's been a while because we have a deal with the organic bakery in town that we get the stale bread for the chooks and we end up eating some of it as toast. Yum, I can hardly wait. I hope you enjoy your dinner what ever it ends up being.

  4. Thats it Tammy, you so inspire me. I really have to go and have another look at that book. School holidays are coming so i am going to have a go then.
    I have been sick with something as well this past week hence the no blogging, for the first time in a long time i haven't felt like doing any craft.
    I hope that you are feeling better.

  5. The bread looks fabulous! ou have really inspired me to go and make some - soon!

  6. Ohhh, Trade you blackberry Jam for bread!

  7. Lovely looking bread. I love your description of it. You are making my mouth water. Yummy. I love bread with jam/jelly...along with peanut butter.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Looks great T...yum yum...i to agree with the sweet bread. When we were out i experienced this...(it is the same in Asia) but i am guessing my daughter knew which ones to buy as they were different. She now makes her own too. Ok bread it is ...i think i have time before work...:)x

  9. Oh slashing slice bits in the top is a brilliant idea!!!!
    Looks delish!

    Am new to your blog followed a FF tweet from Childhood 101 and am so glad I did - since I am dreaming of finally mastering home made jam and of growing the fruit to put in it too!


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