In the garden

thats where I seem to be most of the time these days, not today though its a slow nothing day here ... and I'm realising the day is wasting away!

So here are what remain of my onions. Looking healthy. I lost over half when I first planted them. so recently I removed and shifted some things around, there were areas that were great earwig safe havens and snail hideouts. When I did this i put some earwig traps in place and my snail trap too. My snail trap has caught one slug, two spiders various slaters a few earwigs and a fly. One earwig trap caught a worm who I found drowning and scooped out.

I try to work with what I have hence the odd circular shaped edge at the left end and yes that is a crazy patch of giant weeds right next to it, there are many crazy weeds around here.

These are the herbs I put in the ground a month ago you can see a comparison picture in this post and surprise the potato I found growing in the compost likes it here too, so I have one potato plant growing ATM! LOL.

These next few pictures are really just a record for me. I have just planted flower seeds here and its where I moved the lavendar too.
This area is what I call a work zone. My laundry, my kitchen and my clothesline are my personal work zones.

How they are laid out, how cluttered they are, and how functional they are affects how I work. If the zone is working well then I am working well. These three places more than any other are what affect my performance in my mind. I have been starting to 'pretty' my zones or put things I find attractive in my zones just as a spot of brightness to aid me on my way.

My bench under clothes line was moment of genius that means I don't have to bend so much. Lately it has also become a sunny place to sit in the afternoon with a book, a place to hide away in the coolness of drying washing and a fun place for kids to just wait and feel the 'hiding' sensation too.

Soon this fence will be replaced and it will take some time for the overhanging rose to regenerate, but when it flowers and my lavendar is in bloom ah such peace and happiness to be gained from the beautiful blooms.

Can't wait to look back at this in another month and maybe see some colour, at least some lovely growth.


  1. Ah Tammy as the saying goes "All that comes to he who waits". I am waiting for our potatos and also for some warmer weather to plant some basil and tomatoes. (not me Andrew that is)

  2. oops I spelt tomato wrong

  3. All the hardwork you are putting in to your garden will bring you such great rewards. It's great how we are having some warmer weather, the garden is coming to life again, it's making me a bit more keen to get outside and do things too.:)

  4. Isn't gardening just the most fun thing to do. I love being out in the yard getting my hands dirty. Sometimes I find myself out just walking around smiling at the plants and talking to them too!

  5. Hi Tammy, it must be heaven to have the warmer weather at last after winter hanging around, to be able to potter around out in your garden again.Can't wait to see what you do and see the lavender in bloom.One of my favourite plants, although it doesn't grow too well up here.Happy gardening

  6. Hi Tammy,

    thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, the Moo cards are illustrated one side and printed text on the other, although i am sure there are many possibilities and being my first order i thought i would stick to some thing basic. I think they would be nice even just to use personally, if you wanted to give someone your address or email address. I love them!


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