I have baked.

I am taking full advantage of that working oven. So far out of it I have bought ... 2 batches of cookies, a cake, three loaves of bread. I have served Grilled fish, Pizza, Pasta bake, Crumbed chicken with chips and of course the meat Pie.

Now the grill, this I need some adjusting to, after my old grill with settings of low, med or high this is a fan assist grill with a set temperature of your choosing in deg. I don't know how many Deg 'high' is equivalent to, but quite a lot less than I guessed ... LOL

The lower oven I have yet to master.

The upper oven ... well I am just in love.

I have one loaf worth of bread dough left, I moved it into a smaller container and am planning to make a mild sourdough with it to take to a barbecue with us on the weekend. I should say a prospective BBQ. I have made up another batch of dough today, it is resting now and I am going to attempt my first tin loaf in a little while. I will also take a plain bread of some kind on the weekend too and I do have my eye on some of the spinach and cheese offerings in the book.

Yesterday I finally cleaned and started the new freezer. I moved all of the fruit I have preserved in ice cube trays and most of my vegetable stock into the new one, I see this one as a storage facility and the freezer under the fridge as a needs based storage, if that make sense.
So although neither are in inconvenient to access areas the one in the kitchen will be the one that is prospectivelly opened on a daily basis, the other much more infrequently.

I have batch of apples to cook up and really need to clean out the fridge crisper ready for the delivery tomorrow but I'm just not feeling to well, hit with a flu so am thinking I might be better able to do it tomorrow.
I do still have to Vacuum the neglected floors here while the kids are out of the house today.
I'm planning a stove top casserole tonight, which will help me with the crisper I have my beef on the sink and the stock there defrosting too. I'll start that soon and try for a little nap before the troops arrive home I think.
I really have dropped the ball with Menu planning in the last month so do expect a small amount of waste for the compost but generally think I have done quite well to use what I bought without a plan.

Not much creative happening here either just my knitting, always on the go for a least a few rows at night. I work in rows of 4. Does anyone else work in number blocks? Its a two row pattern and I usually do 4 or 8 a night before I start to get too tired and feel that I'll likely make a silly mistake so put it down.
I do have some pretty fabric here but I'll save that for my creative space tomorrow.

There was lovely sun yesterday morning for a little while so I hung out the washing and in the afternoon it poured and rained on and off all night... its windy today but not enough to dry it and its looking like the heavens will open again any minute now, so I bought it in, as is a little while ago and will see what I can do to dry it.

Hope you are all well and happy and hello to all of my new visitors from the Down to Earth Forum, I'd be happy if you said hello when you stop by.


  1. Nothing much 'creative'!? Sounds like you have been very creative indeed! Hope you feel better soon. Good luck with the sour dough xox

  2. Tammy I hope that you had a rest and are feeling a little better. You have been very busy. Please put photos up if you do another type of loaf in the book for us all to see. And yes my dough is still sitting in the fridge i am ashamed to say.

  3. You have been so busy Tammy I hope you got some time to rest and feel better soon. Take care.:)

  4. I cannot believe you said you haven't been creative after all that creating in your new oven. Sounds like you have been very busy indeed. I made some pita bread tonight. It is such fun. The girls loved watching it pop in the oven. Great meal too with salad and falafel and hummus.

  5. Hi Tammy I just popped over to your AMAZING blog to say thankyou for entering the UP trimmings challenge and whilst Lisa won we enjoyed everyone's entries immensely so thankyou thankyou!

  6. You have been creative! All that cooking sounds great.

  7. You have been so very creative ,I am in total awe of your breadmaking and dough making and lettuce growing, I want to read all your blog day by day to learn!
    I hope you feel well soon, you certainly need a rest after all your buzzing around!
    Have a lovely day,
    Annamaria xx

  8. You are ON FIRE girl! Who can blame you with the new oven in the house. Enjoy!

  9. Hope the flu leaves you body real soon. Awful not to feel well. You are an interesting and busy lady. Sounds like you have been doing lots of fun cooking. And, speaking of knitting...oh, how I love my knitting time. Dogwood

  10. Yes...T...i knit in blocks...i find it just helps with memory...LOL ...i have baking on the agenda today. Needed to clear some of the frozen goodies...and my darling Bea was asking for lunch box yummies..fantasising too about maybe doing a page today...my veg garden is also calling me....now how do i share the love...hee hee :)

  11. A new oven! How exciting. You must test it with a carrot cake, a lemon cake and a cherry pie. ;- )

    Your bread looks delicious, Tammy. I don't think I've visited you before. You have a delightful blog. I'll add you to my blog list.

    BTW, thank you so much for your work at the forum. I really appreciate the way you think and your generosity.

  12. You are an inspiration Miss T.

    I love how organised you have things. I really need to do something similar I think.

    I hope you are feeling better.


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