Fathers day cards.

We all made cards this year.
I do still enjoy card making enormously but gee I find it difficult these days, I think because of the sheer volume of supplies I have.
When I first started scrap booking I used to read in Forums people saying things like they had forgotten they bought 'such and such' or found 'item X' and I couldn't comprehend not knowing exactly what you had. Well after three years fully entrenched in the hobby now I see it from a different perspective. LOL.
My stash is just a blip on some peoples radars but by my own standards it is excessive. I could keep creating for at least another year without having to purchase Card, paper or embellishments, probably easily beyond a year.

I do enjoy delving back in to what would now be considered 'old' in the Scrapbooking community and looking at it with non competitive eyes, creating what appeals to me, without fear of harsh judgement.

I let my kids create and what they have done truly reflects themselves and their stages of development. I added to their creations by writing notes on the back for example that I helped Mr 3 to write his own name and for Miss 5 I wrote all of what she wanted to say down and she copied it : )

This is Miss 5's card. She loves cutting paper with scissors and was delighted to be let loose in my 'brightly coloured scraps' bag she grabbed the first striped bit and set to work, Right now I can't recall the brand of this PP it was called 'Birdie bits' I think and I used it when I was designing cards for Scrap Needs. No card of hers would be complete without a flower or some pink!

Mr 3 has been telling me for at least 4 days 'a lightening McQueen card' ??? He even cut a page from his Saved BigW June toy sale catalog, he keeps it with his books, lil cutie. He asked me to cut out and when he saw his sister with a flower then he wanted one too, he chose placement of everything, asked me to position it, then pressed down on the glue he had applied.

I used Rose Moka 'Equinox' PP's, Fancy Pants journal card, Prima, flower, ribbon, buttons, beads, chipboard tag, lil Davis Alpha, Heidi Swapp chipboard. I'm a bit surprised I remembered all of that too!

While we were creating together, well while I was helping the kids, I remembered I had started reading the creative family and have it buried here on the desk under School photos, house plans and knitting. I must retrieve it and get back into it, I do enjoy the way Amanda Soule writes.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.


  1. Wow! Those are fantastic! I hope Dad was thrilled :)

  2. Nice cards! I hope Dad enjoyed them. I know what you mean about scrapbook supplies expanding ... I keep finding stuff I forgot I had. I'm trying to use some of it before buying more. We'll see how that goes :o)

  3. Lovely cards! I'm sure their Dad was suitably impressed. Funny tho, when you start talking scrapbooking, it may as well be different language. Hope you are having a great weekend. X

  4. Ah...if only our household was zen enough to have tackled handmade Fathers Day offerings this weekend...(a lovely lot for the Dad of your house).

  5. I too could not purchase anything for a year and still have loads of product left. I dont think it matters how old the papers are if they all co-ordinate then thats all that matters to me. Your childrens cards are wonderful and i bet they were received with a lot of pleasure.

  6. gorgeous tammy, very creative and straight from their little hearts. i love your card too, very manly. its nice to see a little paper showing on ur blog too :) hope the ovens going well. i swear some days when im reading ur entries that i can smell ur cooking

  7. Nice to see some of your papercrafting T :)

  8. Darling cards. Hand made anything is so much sweeter than store bought. I love and cherish my box of paper scrapes! Dads are so special. Enjoy your day.

  9. hmmm...i hear ya...i merely think about scrapping these days and actually did make a card for the wedding yesterday but forgot to photograph it....love your card :)

  10. Hello Tammy! I wanted to come by and say thank you so much for visiting my blog! I was so excited to have two comments all the way from Australia:) I just love all of your great ideas. I absolutely adore your purse from baby dresses and these sweet little father's day cards you made with your children. You're so creative!

  11. The cards your little ones made a just lovely and I can imagine how much they were enjoyed. I love your card Tammy and I confess I too have collected lots of materials over the past couple of years I have been stamping, it is so addictive!:)


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