Eating Breakfast ...

Not something I have been in the habit of doing ....
I go through phases with it. If I am in an eat breakfast phase Its usually toast and at the time I am typically ready to digest food in the morning it is more akin to morning tea time for my kiddos so I end up cooking 6 slices of toast so that I can have two to myself.
As above said kiddos have breakfast at 7 - 7.30, by about 10 when I am having breakfast they are ready for more.

So here is my most recent breakfast of choice ... something good and healthy and a treat I used to pay a pretty penny for on a daily basis way back in what seems like another life time, as a retail manager and carefree single girl, about ... almost 15 years ago.

What inspired me to first eat this was a small series of assorted health issues that were all trying to get me to see the 'ageing' flag flying in front of me. While I am what I consider to be a very young almost 38 who is looking forward to turning 40 in the not too distant future. I am being forced to acknowledge that my body is just not what it used to be, my eyes are not what they used to be and I'm sure it was only about 6 months ago that I could still comfortably sit crossed legged.

I started thinking about how I take care of myself and wondering when did I last feel really good and take note of my nutrition and try to balance meals with my own health in mind ... I realised with clarity that it was when I was pregnant and I felt good - Well extra kg, morning sickness, braxton hicks and general physical discomfort aside kind of good - Yes thats right when I was pregnant.

In hindsight and with some additional thought I see/realise I was already wearing my 'mummy pants' and all those vitamins and healthy meals were not for me ... but I was looking after that bubba growing inside me in one of the the only way's I could then.
Taking care of myself insured my growing bundle was well cared for too.

So to all of my blogging friends who are run down mums, take a few minutes out to do something good for yourself, it might be as simple as sitting at a quiet table eating breakfast ... looking after you makes you healthier person, and feeling healthier people make better mums ; )


  1. Very good points there T...breakfast is my take time out for me time of day, I set the alarm to wake up an hour before the kids so I can have that quiet time of day to myself.
    I usually squeeze some exercise and breakfast into that hour and it sets me up for the rest of the day :)

  2. I hear you! We Mums always have to look after someone else before ourselves. I'm turning 38 soon too!

  3. Taking care of yourself is so important. Our job as moms is to take care of our family. What we forget though, is that we, ourselves, are members of that family.

    I also find that if I am ok, the rest of the family is also ok.

    When I was pregnant, I started meditating just for 10 minutes every night. It made such a difference.

    Since Xavier was born 4 months ago, I have been struggling to fit it in, even though when I was pregnant, I said that I will do it every day, because anyone can find 10 minutes, and if you can't, your life is out of balance.

    So I guess my life is out of balance right now :)

    Thank you for posting this, it is a theme that I try to live my life by. I will go meditate tonight!

    Good on you for having the breakfast, your blood sugar will thank you!

  4. This is the first time I've visited your blog - I read all the posts on the first "page". I really enjoyed it and will be back :)
    My "eating breakfast" is getting exercise!

  5. Here, Here! I so agree

  6. I never ate breakfast before, this past few days I have been forcing myself to eat in the am. Sure makes a difference in attitude & energy. Great post!

  7. so true!!! I normally have 2 pieces of vegimite toast and 3 cups of coffee all standing up. i eat lunch and dinner standing up too because there is so much to do and I'm always hungry for something!!!!

    today I did breakie in 2 rounds since finn was up before the birds but you're right, if we don't look after ourselves how can we look after our kids! I wonder does having my toes painted nicely fit into that!


  8. that breakfast looked much better than my dry toast with vegemite. you've inspired me to go wild tomorrow morning. which reminds me, you made homemade crumpets on father's day didn't you? I tried for the first time last weekend using fresh yeast and it was a huge failure. they were dense and doughy and the cute little air bubbles didn't really surface. any tips? xo m.

  9. I am listening Tammy I am!


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