Busy day

Today I have been quite Busy.
I coooked the last of the plain dough I had been using for tin loaves.
It was only a small portion so I tried to rest it using this new method I have been trialling.
You see I don't have a pizza peel and so getting the dough from the rest surface to the hot stone is quite difficult, if it is the correct wet consistency. So I have been trying the rest in a well floured bowl, just a regular breakfast/dessert bowl.

This bowl wasn't well floured enough and the loaf ended up a little flatter than I would usually have it.
I'm still not sold on this as a method yet, its a little more labour intensive to get it out of the bowl but seems to generally be less messy and a nicer shape ...

I made up my fist batch of Spinach Feta dough and am about to pop the first loaf in the oven. Stay tuned for the results.

Our first Peas are up and ready to go in the ground.

I have put one in but am concerned that this spot may not get enough Sun so just left it at one and will compare the growth rate with the others that appeared at the same time, if it is noticably slower I'll plant the others somewhere else, location unknown at this time.

I use the jar to cover it at night as it is the only green morsel in this bed. If something eats my onions then peas would be gourmet!

I also repaired/made Miss 5 a cute library bag, will share on the weekend sometime, My oven is ready so Spinach Feta is calling.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Cant wait to see the bread. Was it nice?
    Did you end up getting some polenta, I sprinkle that on a cutting board and the dough just slides of, well kind of i have to flip it kind of on to the stone but the dough doesnt stick.

  2. It looks scrumptious Tammy & I'm so proud of your snail friendly plant protection. You're a love :)

  3. Mmmm, spinach feta sounds good. There's nothing like warm, homemade bread. Hope you have a great weekend, Tammy.


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