I planted Tulips in my front garden ... perhaps 6 to 8 years ago. Every year I got one or two straggly blooms.
Last year for the first time as they died off I lifted them, well I though I lifted all of them but approximately 11 have appeared in the bed this Spring. LOL

When the time came I dutifully poppped them in the crisper, then after the allocated wait planted the teeny tiny malnourished bulbs into a pot and today I am rewarded with this.

As I recall I originally planted some Yellow red throated tulip bulbs, some pink and some white.
Apparently also some red.
I hope you have something simple and beautiful to make you smile as this has made me smile today.


  1. That's funny, the same thing happened to me- when we bought our house I inherited some scattered tulips, so I decided to pick them all and put them in two large pots at the front of the house. In the spring Irealised I had missed a few- the arrangement of tulips tightly planted in two oversized pots is gorgeous! The sight of tulips definitely puts a smile on my face!
    Annamaria x

  2. How wonderful! I adore tulips but have never planted any for myself. Yours look fantastic.

  3. Lovely. Put a smile on my face :D xox

  4. Your tulip has put a smile on my face today :)
    I feel excited to see this one after following along with the journey of lifting, crisping and re-planting!!

  5. lol, i did smile tammy and a little giggle too :) same thing happened to me. every now and then one just pops up. tulips are my favourite flower and i popped them everywhere when we first moved here. im not really a gardner but last year we had tulips in september and then they popped up again in febuary. is this weird or normal :) who knows, not me

  6. Tammy your so clever, gardener I am not, but I LOVE flowers. When I was young and was asked what I wanted to be I always said "a mum and wife" and in my house I would always have fresh flowers. Well when you have a young family and only one income the flowers are not a priority, now however we always have fresh flowers in our house. So cheerful.

  7. Your tulip is beautiful Tammy! What a lovely flower to look at each day and make you smile. I also wanted to let you know that I have left a couple of awards for you over at my blog.:)

  8. How beautiful! I planted tulips in my garden in South Africa and I only got to see them once because we moved to Oz.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  9. My ma gave me some late last year. which only just now i am remembering...they are in a bag in the garage...naughty me..perhaps i will get them organised for nest year. Gorgeous colour Tammy :) happy Monday..have a great week x

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