Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Was a glorious day so we got out in the Garden.
In the afternoon we put some peas into jiffy pots, and will leave them out sitting like this till they grow and get a bit bigger and then we will pop the whole thing into the ground the pot breaks down in the soil, and the plants roots can grow out through it. The kids really enjoyed doing this.

Earlier in the day I dug the sheep poo in to this bed which is where I will put the peas, along the back to climb up onto the railing ... I'm using what I have in a small space to my advantage ( well thats the plan. )

Miss 5 helped me here taking my herbs out of their now too small pot and popping them in here, this is near my clothesline and is terribly dry dusty soil, I did nothing prior to yesterday to prepare it. Shortly before I planted there I added a small amount of compost, it is also near to our ducted heating unit so hot air blows out the side in this direction on a fairly frequent basis. I do hope they can grow here. I used this great watering tip I found here and was aiming to saturate the soil in that area.

This is how I put my onions to bed at around 5 O Clock each night, something has been eating them off, I'm down from 18 to 10, well two of the ten have been nibbled, drastically nibbled, but still exist. The other 8 have just totally vanished they ate the whole stem not leaving a morsel. They didn't get put to bed tonight as it has been constantly raining all day and we were out past night fall, I'm not keen enough in this cool weather to head out with the torch and cover them up so will just have to see where I stand tomorrow.

Lately I am really missing not having my oven, it has been 2 1/2 weeks. Its starting to affect my thinking and state of mind. Gee that sounds silly.

I'm fighting against some negative thought patterns about my ability to do anything and think I have let my perfectionist sneak on in and put some unreasonable pressure and expectations on myself. This bossy know it all has really crippled my actual self and so not much has been happening ... Does anyone relate to this or understand what I mean?
The expectations on self are so high that the ability of functioning at a basic level of domestic capability seems to disappear. Well not totally disappear but my basic list of daily things does not get done every day. :(
Then the perfectionist gets Cross and says nasty things and I have to sit down with a cuppa and ignore her for a bit.

My Creative self and my nasty perfectionsist self don't cohabitate well. Creative usually goes away for a while when 'she' is in residence with her loud voice. I tried to coax Creative back in today by clearing all the clutter from our desk, and reorganising and re housing my little fabric stash. Creative smiled but wasn't really convinced.

So I am going to, have another try at coaxing her back by having a cuppa and settling down for a good look at my new books. Perfectionist is quiet right now, well quieter, I did fix the curtains and do all of that filing, and most of my day to day jobs. I'm feeling some optimism that I can knock a few more things over tomorrow and maybe she'll get bored, with nothing to boss me around about, and leave ...

Hope you all have lovely, inspiring, creative, fun filled weekends.


  1. I love that you put that photo of the warbling Maggies in there, they so suit your explanation of bossy Mrs perfectionist.

    I'm glad that you encouraged Ms Creative today, and that she smiled...its a start!
    Hopefully those books that arrived today will encourage her some more :)

    I hope you have a happy and creative weekend too...and some warmth and sunshine!

  2. I SO get what you are saying. I'm not put it into words and names perfectly. (No pun intended...ahem) I have been in a creative/domestic slump for months...and no matter how I try it all just seems so overwhelming. I might have to get back on the wagon... Here's to shutting up the loud mouth and bringing on the creativity!

  3. I know what you are saying about the creative voice and the crippling critical voice ... I have to talk back to mine, stand up to it like it's a bully. That usually works (for a while). I hope your creative voice starts broadcasting louder and drowns out that nasty voice.

  4. I hope you have a lovely weekend and take some time out to relax without worrying about perfectionism.

  5. It is hard for us who have that nagging voice of perfection when it is hanging out on shoulder and won't shut-up. Sometimes what helps is to say "good bye" and brush it off my shoulder. Creativity is such a special gift and so rewarding. Enjoy your quiet time, relax and enjoy the return of your creativity. Love you garden projects! Gardening sure does feed the soul. Dogwood

  6. I struggle with these two voices too and unfortunately I have had very little time for the creative One lately so she is all but gone quiet unfortunately.


  7. HI Tammy, you sound very busy, but very happy and in a great place, even though you are worried about getting things done.One at a time , and it will get done.I am so amazed at your personal transformation over the past 12 -18 months.It is a pleasure to read about on your blog. Have a terrific weekend with your family.Take care. xo Mel

  8. I know exactely what you mean. I always try to coax creative back by doing projects that I am confident in and don't require any decision making. Make something you've made a zillion times before and before you know it you'll find yourself inspired. Works for me anyway. Hope you are having a great wekend.

  9. Life throws so much at us T...from many directions and i think we seek our strengths from within to it bossy or creative. Both are good when you think about it, let the perfectionist in when she is needed, then close the door when not. Thats the beauty we as women have and use it to our best advantage. Happy Creating...x


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