Waiting ...

Two residents of this house are very happy that we received the freezer and oven today.
Mr3 got to test out the fun parts while Miss 5 was at preschool. She is currently perched in it watching ABC kids through the window! LOL

I am expecting to be much happier on Friday when this is in my wall rather than the middle of my kitchen floor!


  1. Oh there's nothing as good as an oven box! So much fun for hours and forever - well done you! (I mean, you didn't really need the oven really, did you?!) :) K

  2. Great news that it has arrived safely, and that it will be in Friday rather than Monday!!!

    The kids will have so much fun with that box, we finally threw away our last big box just recently...it was from the new tv in April last year!

  3. Wow. I bet you are soooooo excited!!

  4. Yay! A prezzy for you and one for the kids. What fun. Enjoy!

  5. Woohoo! Gotta love it when a present for you is also a present for the kids! :D

  6. Waiting, waiting,waiting.Yes thats the hardest part,but how exciting. I guess your weekend will be spent cooking.
    It never ceases to amaze me the joy children get out of big boxes. Cute photos.

  7. How cute Tammy, he looks like he is having lots of fun. Yeh to getting a new oven and being able to do some yummy cooking soon.:)

  8. My goodness you have been so patient! And I love seeing your little guy playing in the box. When my boys were little I had two big boxes like that in the front yard one summer that they played with ALL SUMMER long...it was a ship and a castle and a fort...what fun.


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