Update on my Bread progress.

Just a pretty Geranium as I have no interesting Bread pics!

Today I made up the last loaf from the first batch of dough from the Artisan bread in 5 mins book. Today's loaf had a definite sour dough taste to it.
I noticed that as the dough aged it seemed to dry which was not what it should be doing according to the girls helping me with it! Also as it aged dry patches were apparent in in. Not one of the 4 loaves I made from it ever rose a lot and nor did the dough during its initial 2 hour rest before refrigeration.
The best loaf we got was the second one and the only differences I can pin point are that I had cooked two loaves in one day, within a couple of hours actually. That loaf was left to cool then popped into an airtight container over night and cut the next day.

Today I made up another batch of dough, this time I used the scoop and sweep flour measure technique and I also reduced the flour by 1/4 cup. I reduced the salt by 1/2 TBSP just for personal taste, to see what its like. I noticed a wetter stickier dough. I let it rest for closer to 4 hours rather than two and the result was a very different looking batch of dough going into the fridge than what I put in there last time. I saw rise in it, not just spread ... so it hold's more promise. I'll try to bake another loaf tomorrow.
I baked cookies and slice too, though today my slice could be more appropriately be called crunch!


All the bread I have made has had awesome crust and still been edible and tasty, just not quite right KWIM?

Tonight I took advantage of the Scrap Shop stock clearance and ordered close to 37 metres of ribbon for 50c and under each 1m length. I figure that ribbon always makes a nice addition to a crafty gift and I do find myself dipping into my ribbon stash a lot now I am sewing, it could come into play for knitting or crochet projects and I also use it for cards and Scrap booking so One way or another it will serve a good purpose!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Thanks for reminding me, I have some dough in our other fridge and i had forgotten about it with everything else that is going on.I cant think of any suggestions i hope this lot works.
    PS thanks for your kind words the other day.

  2. thats a bargain T...please share the spot...always need more ribbon...i also need to update you on my breadmaking but i hear nosies..looks like the last day is about to begin :(x

  3. Did you end up trying Rhonda's recipe + tutorial? My loafs (loaves?) seem to improve each time so I think practice is the key.

  4. If you want some help, Lucy Bowler makes bread, you can find her connection on my page. She maybe able to help iron out the kinks. Good Luck, I bet the smell is sensational.

  5. I so enjoy reading your blog posts Tammy!

    the Artisan bread book sounds fabulous! would love to have a go at making some fabulous breads one day!

  6. ohhhh thanx for the bread making tips. Can you tell me the brand of flour you have been using?? I amabout to start my making anyday now. very exciting.


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