Wash Cloth Swap parcel arrived!

My swap goodies have arrived safe and sound in Kate's hands. I ended up sending her the washer with the error and a second one without :)
This card I made last week was specifically made with Kate in mind.

So glad they have arrived safely and that you like them Kate.
Thanks to Jodie for organising the swap, it has introduced me to some great girls and opportunities too.


  1. What lovely wash cloths! I adore knitting wash cloths and have a stack of them in my linen closet that I use regularly. they are so much more special than the terry cloth ones they sell in the store. What a fun swap that must have been.

  2. Oops, I forgot to say the card is very nice, too. I like the sentiment.

  3. I love the washers that you made they are beautiful. The cards layout is really creative and effective, I'm sure she loved it especially knowing it was made just for her. Smiles Catherine

  4. Thank you so much again Tammy. I really do love it all. The washers (I still haven't found the mistake), the gorgeous card and the soap. That bamboo yarn is divine. XX

  5. Gorgeous wash clothes there Tam.
    Thanks for the tip on my crochet flowers...I did manage to get some 4ply cotton and it was perfect!
    Now just to take some photo's and update my blog with them :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful washcloths! In fact the whole package is lovely :)

  7. Oh Tammy your cloths are just gorgeous!!!! I love the soap that you put with your gift and the card is just divine!!! Thanks for being such a great swapper...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  8. Oooooh...i wish i could crachet...but first to finish my knitting commitments..LOL....such yummy colours T...just divine xx

  9. What beautiful washcloths! So glad you enjoyed the swap.

  10. Hey Tam! Hope all is well with you! Just doing a bit of blog hopping and loving what I'm seeing here! Your washcloths look amazing, and your garden so gorgeous. Hope all is well with you.

  11. P.S. I discovered The Soap Dish too - in fact, soapmaking in general! Don't have enough time for it at the moment though so buying handmade soap has to do. ;)


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