Sunday Snapshots.

I have been doing a lot of decluttering this weekend, well spring clean type of declutter really not haul out the cupboards kind IYKWIM. Moving some things around out in the garden, working with what I have kind of redecorating indoors.
So I thought I'd just share of few pics of what I am seeing as I potter about.
These were taken just after 4 so a little dark ... Sorry.

My bedroom drawers.

From Miss5's bedroom door

From Mr3's bedroom door.

The first Grape Hyacinths of this season.

If I look to the left of the monitor.

My quiet night time activities.



  1. Boys will be boys, i remember a little train set very similar to that one that Joe had when he was little. Boy time flys. The double frame on your chest of drawers is lovely so simple but oh so elegant and what a pretty colour the hyacinths are.
    Dont you just love Sundays?
    xx Linda

  2. T..i love the snapshots inside your world.:) Streamlined, uncluttered, neat and crisp...gorgeous...wanna come over. Maybe you will inspire me to throw. Want similar pics of mine...? LOL

  3. Love the little insight into your life and home as you potter around. Thanks for sharing - I noticed the grape hyacinths flowering at my place this afternoon too. So pretty.:) Have a wonderful week. Love Anita. xxx

  4. Enjoy your decluttered home. I always get stuck in one spot and never get very far. You on the other hand look like you achieved heaps. What a great start to the new week.

  5. they sold out of handmade home at fishpond so I'm still waiting waiting! jealous you have yours!


  6. I spotted my first grape hyacinth today too - very exciting!!


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