Spring is in the air and my garden.

I have noticed the days getting a little longer, my daffodils and earlicheer are blooming, tulips are growing above ground, I have started to be able to line dry washing again. Sometimes I have to leave it out there overnight but its drying within 24 hours outside which is great!

My compost bin is teeming with life including the odd worm : ) and I am seeing some critters in there that have been absent for a few months. So with all this comes my hands dirty growing urges and I could not resist picking up a punnett of onion at the supermarket yesterday when I saw them and spontaneously grabbed some lettuce too, a bit prematurely I think considering we are still having regular frost. I haven't tried growing either of these before.

I took the predicament of lettuce and frosts into consideration and decided to try this. I'll probably take them out side in the day.

I split them in half and planted half to stay out doors but not totally unprotected. I have read that slugs and snails wont go over crushed egg shell, it could be an old wives tale ... I'll let you know. I'm giving them a partial tent for night too.

Ummm ... guess where the sunniest spot is in our yard at this time of the year ... lol.
The shallow bowl next to the lettuce tent has my Garlic in it, growing tall. I popped the onion seedlings in the ground at the left of this area. The earth there was full of worms!! Yay, I hadn't done anything to it except dump old grass clippings on it.

While I was outside taking my pics my neighbour hoo rooed me and handed a bag of sheep poo over the fence and thanked me for the seed potatoes I gave him last spring. He saw my random cut frame that I started to create with the recycled fence.
I told him I was planning to try and grow a lemon there so we could share the bounty if it flourished and he offered me some better, deeper timber to use if I want it.

In other news I am going Google Calendar crazy planning and scheduling like a woman possessed! Its great I love the colour coding and have no excuse this year for not keeping track of what I planted, when and how many ... thanks to my garden calendar. As I was on the last item of washing today the washing machine started beeping like crazy and had a weird sequence of lights happening ... I couldn't get it to restart. Dave is jumping on the frugal bandwagon has googled it and thinks he has found the soultion so will try and fix it tonight, fingers crossed. Its really unlike him to do this. Hopefully it will save us calling out a repair person.


  1. Oh for the days when washing dries on the line. I'm afraid we are months away from them. But we planted our onion seeds today, in the hothouse of course. So great that you and your neighbour have such a great relationship. And finally...what is Google calendar? That sounds like something that might help us with our record keeping.

  2. The things we take for granted T, my washing dries in just hours, and we are really only a few hours north !!
    I have a surprise bunch of daffodils in the garden as well. They did not appear last year, not sure why and i did not plant them obviously as we are now only living here one year as of a few days ago. They are gorgeous, perky and very yellow. A lovely colour for the garden really but not one i would consciously choose. I must get a pic for you..:) happy day honey x

  3. YAY!! We are in the same washing boat as you which means my lounge room is less chinese laundry looking. I am loving all your new vege growth. I have just ordered some potatoes would love to hear any of your growing tips.

  4. I have never heard of crushed eggs shells to keep the slugs at bay. I look fwd to hearing whether they work or not.


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