Re- something ... and a Birthday Pressie.

Reuse, Re cycle, up cycle, re purpose ???
Which ever one of these things it is ... I'm happy with the idea.

So it started out as a plastic yoghurt pot and became a pretty little planter gift.

I removed the top portion as it had a use by date printed on it, though if I were not giving this as a gift I think I would have just planted into the plastic pot, leaving the neck intact. The cap becomes a little drip saucer.
I cut it with scissors and couldn't get a smooth edge so ran some wide clear packing tape around the top and folded to the inside to give a smooth edge that wont snag.

I put in some potting mix and planted the little lettuce seedlings. They are the ones missing from a few post's ago ; )

Then a grabbed a few scrap booking supplies, though you could use wrapping paper effectively and create a little lable from the milk carton tag idea I posted a while back.

and it all ends up looking like this : )

I also spent some time crocheting this for her : ) Its so pretty I might have to make myself one ... when making something for myself hits the top of the creative queue. LOL.

and decided to stick with my eco friendly theme and not wrap it in paper. It presents really well rolled and tied with a ribbon.

So I am going out on a limb a little here as though she shows an interest in my lifestyle choices and craft she is not a 'crafter' so I am taking a chance on giving her gifts that I created. I have put time and thought into things that 'suit' her IMO but am giving them to someone from outside my inner circle of giftee's. Does that make sense.
I know I could give a seedling to a gardener friend and they would appreciate the thought. Or if I made something for a hand crafter they would appreciate the work in it and see it as a token of friendship and love it because I made it especially for them.

She is a sweet girl and I think thats the reaction I will get ... but ... Oh its just that risk of stepping out side my comfort zone and facing rejection ... I mean a crochet Scarf is really not everyones cup of tea is it. All crafters know what its like to put your heart into making something for someone and them taking it with a vague disinterested thanks.

Well I do feel that I have put a lot of thought into this and am proud of myself for taking this Scarey step of gifting within my personal value system to someone outside my circle of appreciative family or like minded friends. In a few hours I'll have given it to her and the anxiety will be over. :)

*** edited to add ***
Thank you all for your kind support. She loved her gifts especially her scarf, she put it on right away and wore it :) she is also looking forward to eating some lettuce after nurturing it to a larger healthier size.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Ours is looking busy.


  1. I know exactly what you mean T and I hope your gift is received very enthusiastically :)
    You have done a great job with the scarf and I love the way you have presented the lettuce seedlings!!

  2. That's an awesome idea!!! Really, really cool :)

  3. That lettuce gift is great.
    It's nice to give home made.
    You have done a great job! Have a cup of tea and relax.

  4. ooooooohhhhh Tammy!
    what a gorgeous and thoughtful gift, I'm sure your friend will love and appreciate the thought and time you have put into her special gifts :)

  5. any money she LOVES it. Sometimes its a handmade gift that gets THEM started on living a different type of life. Go for it!

  6. Great idea! You never know, you might convert her :)
    I know how you feel, all this year I have made every present I've given (madness!) and the first few times were hard and now, I am happy with the choices I make and that is good enough for me. Big plus if they love it as much as me!! And surprisingly they do, even hard to please 9 years olds!

  7. I know what you mean. Hope she loves it! :)

  8. I'm sure she'll love it. It is such a great and thoughtful gift that obviously took time to make and put together. Have a great weekend. XX

  9. i know what you mean tammy. i made a handmade gift for a school friend of thea's and to this day i don't even know if she (or her mother) even realised it was from us let alone whether she liked it or not :( I guess it is the thought you put in that is important and if the giftee doesn't get something out of it then it is their loss. i think your gifts are lovely. i'm all for up-cycling!

  10. Tammy you are so clever i just love the little lettuce pot it looks gorgeous with what you have done to it. I am sure that your friend will like both the presents and hopefully she will realise the time and effort you put into making them for her.

  11. I love what you made Tammy they both look fantastic. I especially love the recycled yoghurt container it is a clever idea. I'm sure your recipient loved and appreciated all your effort and thoughts that went into the gift. It is hard giving homemade and hoping that the receiver appreciates your special efforts, it truely is the thought that counts.:)

  12. but it's such a beautiful crocheted scarf that she will have no choice but to love it.
    i love the plant too - great idea.
    i know how you feel about going out on a limb to gift homemade goodness to non crafty people but it's worth it in the end - some may not appreciate it, but i think most will.
    enjoy your weekend

  13. What beautiful gifts, the scarf is exquisite.


  14. I'm glad your gifts were well-received. They were so thoughtful and beautifully crafted. The lettuce seedling pot is so cute, and so is the crochet scarf.

    I'll never forget the first time I received a knit scarf, even though I didn't knit and wasn't crafty-- I felt so cherished.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Tammy.

  15. What a sweet gift! I'm so glad she received it well. I know what you mean about giving outside of the people who think the same as we do. It's a tough one...good for you for being so BRAVE!

  16. as the friend in question i must say, in all honesty it is one of the most thoughtful and personal gifts i have ever received. i truly love the thought, effort and final products. you are a true friend a large inspiration in my life. thank you so friend,

  17. To be thought of in this way T is something to be treasured...a real honour...i am sure she will love it. I think we might buy the same yoghurt. Good girl..LOL and such a fab idea for a gift. I recently gave a loaf of fresh sweet bread wrapped in a nice new tea towel as a gift. It really thrilled me and the recipient loved it. :)x

  18. What fabulous gift ideas! Very pleased she loved it. The lettuce container is very cool, R R R. well done!

  19. I love that your friend appreciated it so much she posted her love. That's appreciation!


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