Just as I was really getting in to the de cluttering ...

The parcel man knocked on my door.

My handmade home is a bit damaged ... but still functional!

... I'll be back ... sometime ....


  1. ooh! We won't see you for ages...you will be soaking all that creative goodness in and then be so inspired...

    Have fun, can't wait to hear what you think of them!

  2. How funny - mine JUST arrived 2 seconds ago :)

  3. YAY! Where did you get them from? xox

  4. They look lovely - happy reading

  5. Hiya, I just popped in to check out your c.s. and thought I'd comment here instead (may have something to do with how clueless I really am in the fashion refurb stakes) : )
    I adore books, and those two are big time on my list, Amanda Soule is such an inspiration. Hmm, Fishpond?!

  6. snap! I've got handmade home coming soon....tell them about the book, they are really good with customer service!!! you should have it perfect!

    I love my creative family so am itching for my new book from soulemama to arrive!


  7. Have fun enjoying your books! I've heard Handmade Home is really good. Isn't it fun when books are delivered to your door? It's like Christmas ...

  8. Don't you just love getting books in the mail?! One of my favorite things! Can't wait to see what you create!

  9. Looks like you will be very busy Tammy. Have a lovely time enjoying your new books and have a relax.:)

  10. oooh...but when will you sleep..LOL We are so in sync of late i think...Amba has just bought this book along with a couple others on my wish list for me...or so i hear...have fun Tx

  11. ooohhh, I've been eyeing that book off too... My loval library said that they'll be getting it in soon so I'll wait til then... How is it??? I bet it's everything you hoped for and just a little bit more... *^_^*

    Take CAre
    Jodie :)

  12. Please Please Please let me know what you think of Handmade Home. Do I need to order one?
    Have fun reading. This is where you need complete solitude a nice cup of coffee/tea and something to nibble on. BLISS


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