Instructions for a push car

Paint a big box brown.
Then twist on the wheels.
Then push in the seat ( you could sew it mum )
Then you steer on the steering wheel.
Oh and make a little pretend horn.
You will also need that little stripe for the steering wheel.

and then it will look like a push cart!

Very comprehensive instructions presented to me this morning by my creative Miss 5


  1. wow, I hope your saving for uni fees!!!

  2. oh this is cute tammy. I love the instructions that go along with it...steer on the steering wheel :) that's gorgeous. I love in ur last post and i know ive seen it before here with the ordering of the vegies. Last week i was sick and because i didnt leave the house the staples in the fridge didnt get replenished. i think i need to look into this in case there's a next time. hope ur beautiful girl is better asap :)

  3. So very cute Tammy she put lots of thought into that.:)


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