I did it!

Its not exactly what I had in mind, but its close.
For 4 dollars, and a summer play top I can cope with close, I'm actually quite happy with close.
I learned a lot of lessons in doing this and really want to thank the girls who left me comments regarding the damage and effort, these are what encouraged me to take another objective and creative look at it!

To conceal most of the damage I folded it back in on it self, like a deeper hem, I couldn't cut it off as this would have left me with very little to attach the sleeve to. Then I top stitched the sleeve on with the overlap on the out side allowing the soft cotton knit to roll back on itself at the topside of the join.

My terms and descriptions aren't very good so This is a picture of the outside of the shoulder and I stitched along the pin line, the rough edge is on the out side of the finished garment, it curls back to conceal the seam.

I finished the red Scarf today too, just have to weave the ends in. Two UFO's down! Yay.

I started to unpick and cut the baby dresses too. I need to purchase some matching cotton thread ... A lesson learned while sewing the top - Not to be lazy in changing thread and Bobbins! Thread you use for sewing a feature is not the thread you also use for sewing the seams .... Unless of course you want them to stand out!


  1. Wow Tammy it looks great on R.You must be so proud of yourself for staying motivated and finishing it.
    Love the red of the scarf.

    How are the plants coping with the cooler weather you are getting down there?

  2. Aren't you just the handy one!! Adore the scarf!! The blouse is too cute. I totally need to get on the refashioning bandwagon.

  3. Yay for finishing off UFO's - if you feel like finishing off all my projects, let me know! LOL
    The scarf is fantastic (love the colour) and wow, the top is awesome!! Those ruffles really make it.

  4. Wow, so clever. It must feel so good to have fixed the problem with the top.


  5. Great job!! You little girl is so cute and very happy with her new top.

  6. Oh well done T!!
    It looks fine from here ;) and R is more than happy by the look of things so it must be a success :)

  7. Great results. Well done. I love the red scraf, gorgeous.

  8. Tammy the top looks wonderful, well done girl. Now you will be more the wiser for the next one. I have to agree with you about changing the cottons that is one of my pet hates. Isn't it a good feeling to finish some ufo's-not a feeling i have had lately i must say.
    Is the oven in yet?

  9. Congratulations Tammy! looks like your little miss loves her top, makes it all worth it doesn't it :)

    Love the scarf, well done!

  10. The pic says it all T...:) Good Job :)

  11. so....when are you coming :)

  12. Well done Tammy... for not giving up and for changing the top into somethign your girl can wear. While you might know it's not perfect, I bet she doesn't care. After all, she's wearing something her mum made just for her!


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