History and Tradition.

I do not remember the exact moment she gave it to me. I do remember it had been hers and now it was mine.
Perhaps it was a though by an over tired frustrated Mumma to get her eldest daughter interested in something and out of her hair, or perhaps it was something she thought I was old enough to learn or saw an interest in me towards it ... I don't know. I don't remember.

Was this a school project, something she created with love and/or to meet a need, was it something taught to her by her mum or one of her sisters?

Mum are you reading this? can you remember?

I think to my best recollection it was given to me somewhere between the ages of 8 and 12.

I do remember opening it often, as I got older into my very early teens, taking out the silken threads and marveling at the beauty of them, it was a very prized possession of mine and I felt special to have been entrusted with it.

I smile as I look at it now, a mother myself and a more experienced crafter. I admire the careful alternation of the green and orange threads used as the drawstrings. Thought went into that.

Now I smile through tear filled eyes as I imagine Nan giving Mum that piece of cotton, now stained with age. As I imagine a young version of Mum carefully handstitching the seams.

At this time it strikes me as a perfect example of how I am trying to do things today, mirroring how things were done in the past. Handmade; Thread wound on to pieces of existing card and paper, some lovingly cut to shape and marked with her initials. I have some curiosity about what it was that looks to be pictures of a kitten and butterfly, perhaps an old greeting card. Until yesterday what the cottons were wound on was left un noticed by me in my youth.

My wryest Smile comes from noticing this small section of laboured chain stitch out side the beautiful symmetrical pattern on the original bag. Smiling wryly as I remember a young girl, a young self, wanting to master this skill just like her Mumma.


  1. What a beautiful story you tell. I often think about how so many of the crafts we do today for enjoyment were done out of necessity in the past. You are so lucky to have inherited such a treasure.

  2. What a beautiful post. There's something special about having a part of your family's history and knowing a bit about it, but not everything. And I love that there is a little part of you added to this previous family treasure, done at a time when you didn't appreciate how precious it was. Your attempt is perfect.

  3. Tammy that was a very moving storey, hopefully we will pass on something to our children and if not at first as they get older (like us) they will remember and appreciate it all that much more.

  4. i love reading ur little stories tammy. ur blog always puts a smile on my face

  5. And you will pass this on T, Rachel and Callum? are so fortunate to have these foundations surround them.
    Happy Day :)x

  6. So glad you have this now when you are in the space to appreciate it...too often these type of things get thrown away in our younger years when we aren't at the stage of our lives to truely appreciate them for what they are.

  7. Tammy I just love your bag and the embroidery thread. My Grandma gave me a box and thread wound around cardboard just like that. She passed away some time ago but it always puts a smile on my face when I open that box and look at what she did for me. Thank you for sharing your fond memories.:)

  8. What a lovely post! That embroidery bag is so sweet and is such a little treasure. Thank you for sharing those memories.

  9. This is so sweet, the little cards of threads are so pretty...

  10. tammy i made it at school when i was about 11 , i love it and was so proud of it , when i decided to give it to you i thought you would keep it and cherish it as i had done for many a year im so happy you still have it and love it hopefully one day it will be handed to rachel , you will know when the time is right as i did , love you lots my darling girl xxxx


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