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It has been 8 days since I planted my first lettuce and onions. The lettuce that I bring inside each night seem to be doing better in terms of growth but they are all growing as far as I can see, the out side permanently ones just a little slower. The tent is protecting them well, we have had a few frosts.

In the outdoor pot I actually removed one pair and moved things around a bit so it looks a little different to the first photo. I'll share what I did with those I removed probably on Saturday. I have realised that several of what I planted as seedlings are actually two together, hence removing a pair. I haven't had any slug or snail problems but in reality the only slugs or snails I have seen are slugs in the compost bin, so I don't think I can attribute it to the Egg shells.
On a side note Mr 3 tells people that where our eggs are growing. lol. Eg. "here are the onions, here is garlic and here is the lettuce ... and eggs"

A few of the onions are looking really good and most are looking OK. Only two look really sad and are hard to locate, hopefully they rally.

I heard it was supposed to rain on Tuesday so On Monday I removed all the strawberries from the pots and popped them in the ground, except two that I re potted as Miss 5 really enjoyed watching her strawberry window box growing last year. There are the errant daffodils and what I believe to be Gladioli popping up there now too.
If we go ahead and do extensions this strawberry patch will be under the new master bedroom.

I am really thinking about the garden a lot lately and who can blame me with so many signs of spring surrounding us?


  1. I can't believe you will have blossom any day now! I love the story of your little man explaining where the eggs come from. No signs of spring here yet.

  2. Your lettuce looks a whole lot better than mine. Mine is now in the bin and we will wait until summer. Any more news on your oven or did i miss a post?


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