Decisions, decisions ...

Including what should I title this post.

Regular visitors might be missing my bread posts and have noticed no sweet oven baked treats lately the reason being my oven has broken down again.
This in itself would not be an issue but I am having an internal battle surrounding it. You see six months ago my very old, not so great oven broke down. So we called out the guy and he removed it from the wall, I had to help him balance it in the air on a chair while he worked on it, he replaced the fan and promptly charged me $300.00.
So here I sit 6 months later faced with exactly the same problem!! I can not justify spending $600 on this old, unattractive, unreliable piece of my kitchen in 6 months. Nor can I live without an oven. So I have a stalemate.

So in the absence of working oven we Do the best we can with what we have and pizza night became pizza toast night!

Even better than Pizza apparently!

Having no oven and no sign of deciding how best to rectify this situation, made my menu plan a little bland with only foods that can be grilled or cooked on the stove top, raw not really being an option in this season. I can of course do stove top casseroles and working this way is forcing me to be creative and saw me serving grilled pineapple as a side during the week. Thinking outside the box takes you to unexpected places!

I had also came to a standstill with the third Scarf I was knitting and came up with various reasons why that might be, it took a while to dawn on me that the crochet texture I so loved, using Bamboozle to make dishcloths, did not translate to 100% wool and or Scarf.

So I am giving it a second chance and loving it a whole lot more as a knitted Scarf using this pattern. It is seriously easy, cosy and just so much better. I am enjoying knitting it and pull it out an unravel a little more at every opportunity.

I knitted up my washcloths for the swap and haven't shared them yet as My partner doesn't have them yet, so I have been knitting behind the scenes just not sharing it here. I also whipped up a rainbow dishcloth using all the bamboozle scraps from the things I had made for all of my friends recently.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on the weekend, you are all so sweet.


  1. LOL! at the pizza toast being better than hey!!

    Love your rainbow dishcloth and that pattern in the knitted scarf looks great, bet you have it finished in no time at all now :)

  2. Decisions...I can't seem to make them today either but yours does seem to be a particularly tricky one. I do love how you are trying to see the positive in the situation though. Your scarf looks great and I love the rainbow dishcloth. I hope you are having a great week.

  3. mmm new oven I think! Expensive things they are. Love the dish cloth, great colours! xox

  4. If it is your own house, then treat yourself to a new oven!!!! You are like a builder without a hammer!! If you are worried about the price, do some research into scratch and dint, you will save heaps!!!! If not, build a fire pit in the back yard and have a go at a camp oven, they are a bit tricky to start, but once you have the hang of it they are brilliant. Good Luck x

  5. I had to survive without an oven for quite a while when we moved to our new house. The new oven didn't work!! You would be amazed at the things you can cook on a bbq-better if you have a lid for it, but i dont know about bread? I dont think that i would be spending another $300.00. Good luck

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  7. Tammy your package just arrived and I LOVE IT ALL! Even the orange! Your knitting is amazing!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much. I must admit I've been secretly hoping I would get yours. I hope you are having a great day. Love Kate XX


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