A colourful day here yesterday

... in contrast to the grey of flu I am feeling descending on me today.

Two deliveries injected colour into our little home yesterday.
First the ribbon goodness I mentioned a few posts back.

Our delivery of from Vegies to your door, filling our fridge and fruit bowl with colourful goodness!

I blended up the last few bananas, mates of that brown skinned one hiding in the back of the colander in the fridge pic, they were fine inside, had just been stored in the fridge too long. I blended them up with a little apple juice and froze it in ice cube trays and did the same with the last of the grapes, I haven't tried this before but am assuming they will be chilly additions to fruit smoothies and if its successful once summer hits a nice little frozen banana snack might be good and cooling during the day.

We had a big frost last night, I have been out to check lettuce yet but some of my flowers that used to reside in that spot are looking very sad from my window view.

On the blog front I started updating and changing my links and there layout so it will be a bit higgledy piggledy for a while : )

Happy weekend all, I think I'll be spending mine on the couch. Feeling weary and cuddling a snotty coughing child.
Missing a fun party of a sweet girl that I had on my calender for today :(


  1. Love all the colourful pics today.
    Hoping you can ward off the fluey symptoms, take care of you today.
    Hugs. J.xx

  2. OOhhhh that ribbon looks exciting. Have you got a plan for it? Hope you feel better.

  3. Lovely pictures! Cool ribbons, where have they come from? Hope you are feeling well soon xox

  4. Gorgeous ribbon, I especially love the 'party' one.

    Wishing you well.

  5. Tammy I hope that you feel better soon, gee it's not fun when you're sick and can't go to the party.:( I do love the pictures of your pretty ribbon, looks a bit Chrismassy.:)

  6. Oh wow look at all of those gorgeous ribbons.
    I hope that you get a good nights sleep and feel a bit better in the morning

  7. Thank you for dropping by my blog, I just love all those gorgeous ribbons. What have you go in store for them, something wonderful I bet.


  8. I am envious of your gorgeous ribbon collection : )


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