A bigger bed ... in the garden.

As I stirred the scraps into the compost bin on this glorious sunny Spring like day, I marveled at the dark earthy goodness coming up from the lower level to mix with the peelings and tea bags at the top, I watched the earwigs and slaters scurrying for cover and decided I wanted to know what was down there, besides the few bits of grass growing out the side slits.

So I opened it up!
And dug into it with my shovel, and took a shovel full out!
My assistant loved poking all the slaters with his leaf.

Then I decided I should put that goodness somewhere ... but nowhere was really ready and I remembered there is still that bag of sheep poo to be dug in too.
The only place I could really put it was here ...

So I sprinkling it on and started digging it in to the ground, which is still a bit clayish but much better than it was when I started, with my fork. I realised I needed an end to the bed so I could get into it properly so I took the old recycled fence timber that I cut for something else and haphazardly stacked them and anchored them with a bit of concrete from an old fence post, as they still have quite a few nails in them I needed a stronger boundary to discourage balancing on by children etc.

So out came the shovel a new trench dug, sleeper pulled back and sat in it, new space turned over, dandelions removed. Funnily enough that far forward was sandy, it must have been up to where the old concrete used to be I guess.

After all that the sun was hitting exactly where I had been working, my back was getting a little niggly and though I was on a roll, I decided to stop knowing I had an appt with the builder in an hour, a walk to pick up Miss 5 from Pre School in the afternoon and a day standing on tiles tomorrow.

I found this little fella down in the compost I shoveled out, he must have gone in with last seasons potato mulch I guess. I randomly popped him in somewhere else but am not expecting him to grow.

So my bed is now a little wider and a little longer. I think it will need a stepping stone to reach the rear of it now - Assuming it is full of delicious fresh produce that I am needing to harvest.
The sheep poo will have to wait for another day ... Hopefully later this week.


  1. Good work T!!
    Looking forward to watching the growth in it over the next few months!

    Have also been meaning to ask lately how your tulips are going??

  2. Ah, poking at slaters, such an important part of childhood. Great to watch your garden grow.

  3. Hey Tammy, it must be digging season. My hubby started digging up the lawn where we plan to create our first vegie patch today. How exciting! Anita. xx

  4. that garden bed looks great, you've done such a good job. :)Kylie

  5. Oh T...i have a wonderful suggestion for you..a while back i began to make stepping stones of my own...All you need is a pizza box...(yep..can you spare one or two of those..LOL) and two old wire coathangers, some concrete and whatever you would like to embellish your stone with. They are quick and easy to make and so much fun. I ran a very cheap oil all around the inside of the box to allow easy removal. Mix your concrete and add. I also had some dye on hand so i coloured mine. I have one left but it is holding a very large rose pot at present so i dont like my chances of getting a pic. Maybe on the weekend i could manage it. I started making them for my last garden...but then we moved 'again' right!! great work there...happy day :)x

  6. Ooops..i forgot to add the coathangers. Just stretch them out a little, place them facing each other. They act as the reinforcement. Then your concrete of course...have fun whatever you choose to do .x

  7. Yay for more garden space! We're going to expand ours next summer...ours just isn't big enough to grow what I want to grow. But then that also means having the pecan tree trimmed back...it's always something, isn't it?

  8. This looks very exciting, garden garden what will you grow????

  9. You really need to come down and do my garden beds for me :) That looks great.

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  11. Wow! That looks great and your helper worked hard! :)

  12. I feel terrible for not stopping by for so long but my goodness you have been a busy girl, haven't you?
    Great job on your garden bed & I'm sure it will reward you with lots of goodies :)

  13. Hi Tammy,

    Great work, boy doesn't it seem hard at the time? But well worth the effort. This look to be a great garden for you.

    You helper is always soooo cute!


    Now if I only could get my compost to look as nice as yours. :)


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