A yummy rustic tart and a bit about the weather ; )

What a glorious couple of days we have had here, seriously like spring, I couldn't help but neglect my house loving duties and get out in the Sun today.
We are building a new Fence you can see the completed side up there in the distance of this shot. We are on a corner block and this is our rear boundary.

So I decided to re - use ( or do the best I can with what I have ) some of the old fence to build a planter box behind the shed where my taters grew in towers last year, I think its a great sheltered spot for a lemon tree and I have had one on my wish list for at least a year now. I thought building a big box to grow it in, open to the rocky earth below might also be a good spot for some other yummy edibles.
I need to research that a little more it is a project I have been thinking about but that I just dived into with no planning today.
If its not viable I do have a good basis for a large open compost now ; )Shhh.

Then I headed back out to my dead shrub removal project ... OMGoodness there is a tall grass jungle growing under it and I'm pulling it all up as I go. I am still not finished.

It started getting late and I had so neglected inside so I came in and cleaned up the kitchen and thought about dinner and took out some meat ( no menu plan ... surviving Ok but will be writing one up tonight )

Last night I whipped up one of these with some apples that needed to be used. It is seriously easy and yummy and if you arranged your apples nicely it could present beautifully too but I just throw it all in.

I call it a Rustic Apple and Custard Tart

Line a pie tray with shortcrust pastry (I use pre made frozen stuff) trim the corners off.
Peel, core and slice at least two apples into the pastry.
Break two eggs into a coffee cup, add some caster sugar and vanilla (to suit your own taste I'd estimate I use a tsp of vanilla and tbsp sugar I don't make it very sweet) Fill the cup with milk mix it all together and pour over the apples.
Sprinkle some cinnamon (and extra sugar if you want) on top.
Bake it in a moderate oven until the custard sets. You can test by jiggling the plate and the middle of the tart shouldn't wobble.

We put ours in the oven with Dinner and then leave it to finish in the warm turned off oven as we eat dinner.

We serve it warm and eat it by itself.
Its also great for morning Tea cold out of the fridge ;)

Hope you got to enjoy some sun today


  1. Tammy that sounds delish i will definately be giving that a go. Thanks for the recipe. Good luck with your gardening.

  2. The Rustic Apple and Custard Tart sounds and looks very yummy!

  3. That tart sounds delicious Tammy!!! Thansk for sharing your recipe, will definitely have to give this one a go...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  4. Tammy,
    I am liking that fence and I like that you reusing some of the old too.

    Wish I could have a lemon tree! Citrus tress interest me for the fact that none will grow here. My sister in CA has orange, lemon and lime trees. I was picking lemons every day to make lemonaid and she couldn't understand why...I guess she is just used to having the tress around. Rosemary is the same way, hedges of it everywhere...

    Is the tart crust (shortcrust pastry) the same as a regular pie crust or something different?

    Enjoy your spring weather!


  5. Hi Karyn,
    I'm not sure what it is you girls in the US call 'pie crust' I suspect it is the same thing. If it is I am quite confidant that you make your own : ) I found this link to a recipe, could you verify for me?

  6. So glad you have had some nice weather and have been able to get out and enjoy it.

    Your rustic tart really appeals to me cold for morning tea...yum!!


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