Sweet little flowers

From my umbrella Prints Trimmings pack.
I had seen some of the Scrappy girls drooling over the paper versions of these in recent months so it popped into my head that they were something small I could do with fabric ( and my trimmings pack is small fabric! )
I used the elephant print in two colours and when I took the photo I was a bit 'sigh' to see that the button is pink as it sure looked salmon in this mornings foggy dim light! LOL

Oh and we did secure our tickets to the concert event of the year, today too!


  1. Love your fabric version...so, are you going to put them on a LO?? :)

    Glad you got your tickets, is D going too this year?

  2. Ha ha my sister bought Wiggles tickets today too - my nephews will be very excited!

  3. I like the pink button. It is strange what this dim light is doing to colours though.

  4. LMAO @ the Wiggles tickets!
    I miss those concerts they were so much fun.

    Love your fabric versions :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Rachie xx

  5. ohhhh lucky you the wiggles totally rock in concert...you will have a ball. SERIOUSLY. Gorgeous making s today!!


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