The Recipes.

When I posted the photos of the Chocolate Slice and Choc Chip Biscuits last week a few of you asked for the Recipes.

So after a bit of a delay here they are ...

I have been making this slice for quite a while now, its Kate's Yummy Chocolate Slice from here. We obviously omit the coconut on top and use hundreds and thousands. When I did not have any '202' free desiccated coconut I was substituting coconut with choc chips.

The cookie recipe is ...

1 1/2 cups SR Flour
1/2 cup Sugar
125g melted Butter
1 egg
choc chips.

Mix together all ingredients, but Choc chips, to form a dough then add chocolate chips and stir through.
Roll into small balls and press to flatten slightly on a tray or my version - place small spoonfuls onto a tray. Bake at 180 deg approx 15 mins.

I often add about a tsp of vanilla as well.

Variations I have used are -
* substitute a couple tbsp of flour with Cocoa powder and add white choc chips.
* Make them plain with out the choc chips and press a smartie on top.
* Add a couple of TBSP peanut butter for peanut Butter choc chip cookies.
* Add a generous few shakes of powdered ginger to the plain mix.
* Substitute the choc chips with sultanas and add a bit off all spice or an all spice, ginger combo.
* Adding about 25ml of fresh OJ doesn't add any flavour to the cookie but changes the consistency for a bit of variation.


  1. Thanks Tammy, they look yum :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your cookie recipe.... Will definitely be giving it a go on monday when I bake next....

    Take care
    Jodie :)

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  4. Yum, yum, yum!!!
    I've been enjoying some baking lately too.
    I made some savoury muffins for the first time, corn, bacon & capsicum, & they were a great hit in the kids lunch boxes.

  5. thanks for sharing tammy. ive got this week off and i think i will to dust off the baking trays :)


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