Random update

The first daffodil is starting to open!

People who know me and about my fascination with Native birds might find this appropriate. People who know me well and that I share my more spiritual or odd encounters with might have this send goosebumps over them as it did to me when I saw it! How appropriate really, that a Magpie picks my name out!
In any case how lucky am I to be winning this cute little hand made goodness?

Well it has been a strange week in this house, with extra inhabitants, then less inhabitants as Dave went away for a couple of days. A sick little Mr 3, School holidays ... Emotions running high.

So Pre School starts up again tomorrow and Miss 5 is Excited and I am looking forward to it, though its not back to reality yet as Dave still has holidays for a few more weeks.

Not much to tell or share.
I have started on my washcloth for the swap ( see the jellywares link in my right sidebar ) Still have a scarf in progress, Some fabric for a monster set aside for 'soon', My trimmings pack to work on ... only ummm... about a week and a half better get cracking.

I was feeling inspired last night and whipped up a delish pumpkin sauce for pasta and served it with some baby spinach and bacon stirred through, though truth be told I think it would have been better without the addition of Bacon. I used some roast pumpkin from the freezer, that I cooked back in march with the last of the tomatoes. I have been plowing through the freezer contents lately really whittling it down, had a no meat buying week this week just gone.

Change is in the air here but not sure where it is blowing me... LOL.

OK now I'd best be off to get ready for a full Sunday at work...
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Tammy that looks so yum! You are an inspiring person indeed :D

    Take Care


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