Not sewing yet.

Just to prove I don't buy and hoard fabric, I do cut it ... well some of it ... LOL ... here is what I am trying to work on now. I still have another to cut out.

Don't you love the 'something to help you mum' whipped up and placed in among my mess yesterday as I snipped. I'm still itching to sew but cutting out is at least something.

Hope you all enjoy your weekends.


  1. Can't wait to meet Miss Floral Zet and Master Spotty Zet :)

  2. oooh the coloured in zet is awesome!
    I am busting to see these all finished too.
    P.S. What's your username on ravelry?

  3. so cute tammy. i dont get any help like that anymore. cherrish it while u can :)


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