Taking these guys out side to get a photo in good light it quickly became apparent that Mr green dots was the lime light hogger. Lady floral Monster was most upset that her floral accent was obscured by him.

Mr Navy Spot and herself found it most amusing as a gust of wind caught Green Dots off guard and he fell over.

Finally I managed to get a pic showing everyones features and accents, lopsided smiles and all.

Pattern taken from Australian Home sewn mag by Mel Goodsell.


  1. GORGEOUS, gorgeous!! Ooh they're adorable and I love the little tie, very cute addition.
    The one when the wind blew made me giggle! lol

  2. Oh Tammy, they are so gorgeous, and how clever and humurous are you.I too love the photo of spotty monster fallen over hilarious

  3. too cute tammy!! wow they're gorgeous, loved the pics of ur little pizza makers too

  4. Hi Tammy, gorgeous softies! Especially love that the blue one has a belly button, an obsession in this house at the moment. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my Daylesfordorganics blog. Looking forward to reading through yours. Love Kate

  5. Tammy, very cute. I love Mr Spot's eyes.

  6. How cute, I'm glad you got them all under control. Monsters can sometimes act up can't they.

    What did you use for stuffing?

    Have a wonderful day.


  7. Very nice Tammy!! These little critters are just adorable!! Who wouldn't want one!!

  8. Oh Tammy, I had a good laugh reading your post.
    They are all totally gorgeous, you did an awesome job.
    I want my own one now, LOL :)

  9. Oh there all so gorgeous, i love the floral one. Did Lil Miss help you make them?

  10. These are gorgeous Tammy!!! I especially love the navy one with the spots, too cute!!!

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  11. Tammy...they scream me....adorable..xx

  12. Those monsters are the cutest things ever!

  13. very cute! i love your fabric choices. and the button eyes are oh so cute!


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