Its a rainy day.

Oh I have been absent for a few days and have missed my blogging. Yesterday I was at work all day and came home with a headache.

The two days prior to that we had sun and so we got out in it as much as we could!

Today its gloomy out and everytime I think its clear enough to step out and take some pics of the garlic and daffodils standing tall it starts to rain. I did manage to get a pic of these Violas I potted up a few days ago and the tulips I'm excited to see popping up.

Inside there are books...

toys, socks, lunch...

and drawing.

There is building helicopters from blocks for mum ...

and posing for photos with them ...

and lastly this little bit of stitching patiently waiting for the rest of the parts I need to complete the item I have in mind to use it for.

I hope every one is Happy, Healthy and warm today.


  1. I love rainy days at home. The perfect time to do crafty things and cook and spend time with the family. The stitchery looks interesting what are you going to do with it? Did you draw the pattern yourself or did it come like that. I assume that it washes off.


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