Internet ... and friends.

Two things on my mind a lot lately.

I have been marvelling lately at the ability the internet gives us to form friendships with like minded people that you would never otherwise meet. Since I have been more concientiously blogging here I am really enjoying the people that this blog has bought into my life and the connections and friendships I am forming with a new group of women, who have common interests. I do try to respond to each comment left, in a timely manner, provided of course you are not commenting with a 'noreply-comment' address : )

I sent these gifts off to two beautiful girls last week, and a third I didn't photograph. All three recipients friends I have made online, all three I have been lucky to meet in real life, two from QLD, one from Melbourne. All three considered amongst my closest friends.

The tutorial for these cute pin cushions is available at craft pudding

The Mr. and I have been talking about changing our Internet habits and wasted time which has had me re evaluating what is important to me, when it comes to my online time. I came up with my current interests, staying in touch and making friends.

So I just want to let everyone know I have deleted my face book account which was my single biggest Internet time wasting site and I am not currently frequenting any Scrap booking sites. I figure that I can keep in contact with my friends through blogging and email, so if you were coming to see what I am up to through face book networked blogs please leave me a comment and I can communicate with you that way. My twitter link/feed is in the right side bar which is just a quick easy way to update briefly, follow me if you want : ) You can find me on ravelry too, feel free to add me as a friend if you are on there.

For now that's where I'm at online.
Thank you to each and every one of you stopping by leaving comments and opinions, joining this site contributing in a positive way and making my days brighter.
The Internet can be a wonderful, wondrous place to be.


  1. I wondered where you had dissappeared to in FB Tammy, but completely understand the time wasted on computers.It can take over our lives if we let it.You are so strong to change your internet habits like that.I applaud you and look forward to keeping up with you and your families happenings in here.Now i know why you said no in SP.Hugs...xx Mel

  2. ooh! I love the colours and fabric in the other gift too...they are each perfect for their people :)

  3. I completely understand the need to prioritise your internet time. I too completely downscaled my Facebook input, you can really get caught up with so many distractions at hand. I prefer now to blog and read interesting blogs and have just started exploring Twitter.


  4. Hooray for the blog! I am so very new to all of this but so excited about everything you talked about. A few months ago I had no idea how much fun it could be and how very inspirational. Yay!

  5. So true Tammy, the internet is a glorious place and heaven knows where I'd be without it and blogger... :) I've made so many lovely friende over the last 2+ years that I never would of meet if it weren't for blogger and the internet...

    You are such a sweety sending your special friends those beautiful gifts, I'm sure they'll just love them to bits..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  6. Twitter is my big time waster! There is so many wonderful, caring, talented peeps out there in the interweb land. I'm glad I to have found your blog, it's a lovely place to visit xox

  7. I am just so glad you are ok - I noticed you were gone.

    Beautiful beautiful gifts you made :o)

    Rachie xx

  8. Tammy I so agree. It's amazing (the internet) the things you can learn and the people you meet. My kids laughed when i told them that i learnt to crochet from U tube and the fact that you meet people from all over the world.
    And thank you for sharing all your craft and parts of your life on your great blog.

  9. I've cut them all out!! Just blogging for me, if any one wants me they can send an email or ring. It was just to hard to keep up!! I was spending more time on the computer than I was with my family....and that was just WRONG!

  10. Just popped over from another blog and after having just posted off a parcel to a fellow blogger in USA I always smile at how I would never have met her had it not been for blogging.
    As for facebook I spend way too much time there.

  11. What beautiful, heartfelt gifts, Tammy. I'm sure the lucky receipients will treasure them.
    It's funny you should be thinking along those lines as I have too, for the past few days. Time is precious :)

  12. Hi Tammy,

    This is a lovely post and makes me also stop and think! Thank you. Have been wondering about all these places you mentioned, should I start visiting there, and my answer for now is NO.

    Like you my time needs to be used wisely!

    Thanks and have a wonderful day

  13. Oh i love them yummy....could not choose if i had to. Good shift you have made there too. Cannot wait to show you my creation, but had to pop on over to say hi:) xx

  14. Just saying a quick hello. I too love the friendships that have been made over the Internet and understand how time-wasting forums etc can be.

  15. I certainly understand where you are coming from Tammy...a year ago I deactivated my facebook account, and didn't miss it at all...but some friends begged me to come back so I did! However I still find it very time wasting and I have to say "step away from the computer"! to myself, lol. Love the things you made for your friends, they are very lucky. :)

  16. You are so right, in that the internet CAN be a wonderful place; as it can also be a BIG time waster. It takes time but you can streamline your time to be productive on the net, I am doing alot better now than twelve months ago! Bloglines on my blog helps me to keep track of who has recently posted - a fabulous time saver for me!
    What beautiful gifts you have sent to your friends! I am sure they will treasure them. *grin* Bec xxx

  17. Bronwyn McGrath15/8/09 5:10 pm

    Horay I have finally found you again! I missed reading your blogs on FB I asked Tara where you went but didn't receive a reply.
    I racked my brain for the name of this site and it finally came to me.
    Your blogs really inspire me Tammy I feel like a spy you are an amazing person and I can't help but feel closer to Nanny Dutchie when reading your blogs, hope you understand what I mean Bron.


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