Guess what we had for dinner ...

We are lucky to have our extra little family member here ATM during a small portion of his school holidays.
When ever he stays we try to give him an opportunity to participate in things that are 'normal' for us but that he wouldn't get to experience as a child spending most of his time as a part of a very differently structured family unit.
So as too avoid the 'too many chiefs' predicament my two went for a bath while he and I worked on Pizza Number one. He was great at rolling, as he told me he would be.

It was interesting seeing how he absorbed the process, what his concerns were and answering his questions. Heart warmingly cute that things like tomato sauce was not acceptable but bolognaise sauce (minus the meat) was a welcome excitement inducing ingredient!

Then my experienced Pizza makers came out for their turn with aprons on while Mr almost 7 went in for his bath.

I use a bread making plain flour for my dough but regular SR for flouring the bench and rolling pin. My Dad made this rolling pin in High School.

The amusing quote of the day was ...

" making Pizza? making Dough ... ? Well at home (in Sydney) when we want pizza we can just go to the Pizza Hut and get one ... or they can even bring it to us!"
We did of course tell him that we can also do that but we just like to make our own.
It makes me realise how lucky I am to have the luxury of time and support that enables me to be spending this kind of time teaching these things to my kids.

Precious moments requiring photos for sure, no photos of the finished product though ... too busy having picnic pizza movie night on the lounge room floor :)


  1. What a gorgeous post Tammy!!! I have a 'fastfood' night once a week with my little family where we make from scratch the foods that most would eat out like pizza, hamburgers, battered fish and chips... Living in the middle of nowhere I started doing this out of necessity more than anything else and we loved it so much that I madeit a little family tradition for Friday nights in our house accompanied by cards and other board games.... You look like your doing an amazing job as a mother to your little one's and should be proud...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  2. HI Tammy, how truly precious are those photos and memories for both you and the kids.They all looked like they love helping in the kitchen.Good on you sweetie.Much love.Mel

  3. Gorgeous post Tammy now you need to scrap those photos and file under "everyday".
    I love cooking with my kids when they were little and even now although you just have to enjoy it and clean up the mess later.\Xx Linda

  4. Lovely! These are the special moments we can spend with our kids and the way we can pass on knowledge of cooking to the next generation. I realize that so few people make things from scratch, it really is a lost art.

  5. Hello, hello! Long time no see or chat. Are you still working at the mall? I stick my head in every now and then to see if you are, although I can't remember which shop it is - so I look in both of them, lol.
    I haven't been to your blog since my computer blew up and I lost all my favourites. I've started crocheting too! You can see my old fashioned effort on my blog.
    Anyway, we really should have coffee one day and not just keep saying it :)

  6. I love these pics, they'll be so lovely to look back on over the years. What a fun experience! We had make your own pizza tonight, but I cheated and bought the base - next time I'll have to do it this way.

  7. Wow, those Sydney people are way ahead of the times! Funny.

  8. Hey sis, You inspire me everyday... you are the best mum and your lil ones are lucky to have a such a caring and beautiful mum. I hope to see some more wondeful family activities. I hope that when my kids are a bit bigger we can do things like you guys do. Luv ya

  9. Looks like heaps of fun, Tammy!! Love the quote from Mr almost 7 about Pizza Hut!! ROFL!!

  10. Great to see the kids having so much fun in the kitchen with you.
    What a precious rolling pin to own, I love things like that :)


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