Getting back to Normal ...

It was a really lovely day today so Mr. 3 ( Kept home from Daycare ) and I took a walk up to our local shops to buy bread he really enjoyed it, I think he was going a bit stir Crazy at home sick.

Speaking of Bread this arrived today.

I read the first chapter or two and am intrigued, the language used in this book has me salivating and I love that it is a Paper pages book, like old book, matte textured paper, no glossy shiny pages with slick images here ... well OK a few in the centre.
A question for the girls who have tried it or recommended the book, did you use a baking stone and if so can you tell me what you are using?
I have gone ahead and pre ordered the follow up book too.

I went an had a chat to my Neighbour yesterday he showed me his strawberries and asparagus and we talked Gardens and I got out today and started to clear some dead growth from ours. More specifically a big dead shrub in our front border.

This time of the year is mainly about ornamentals for me as an inexperienced 'produce' gardener, though a few weeks back I did take one of my own strawberry plants from its pot and put it into the ground to see if it liked it at this time of the year and this is it now, with a nice crown of new growth, so I am thinking I'll move the rest out of their pots too after seeing Mr neighbours yesterday.

I'll finish off here with a pic of my first daffodil fully open in all it's yellow glory most definitely adding to that spring vibe that was in the air today.

I can't go without wishing my two beautiful girlfriends Deb and Jaki a very happy Birthday and I'm sending one out to my brother too, though I doubt he would ever be reading this. Yes can you believe three Birthdays on this one day?


  1. Wow, strawberries and daffodills in July! You must live somewhere North of us for sure. We are in the dark depths of winter here. Oh and that book looks great. I'll have to check it out. Looking forward to seeing your creations. Ah the smell of freshly baked bread. Enjoy. Love Kate

  2. The bread book looks interesting, looking forward to seeing your test runs from it!
    Gorgeous daffodils, so pretty. mmm strawberries....
    I don't have veges in either, not being too good in the gardening dept. Having a pet lamb sneaking into the house yard doesn't do the plants much good!

  3. how exciting to be able to grow your own daffodils!!! I don't think it is cold enough here (which I am grateful for actually). I'm interested to know what this bread baking stone is? The book I have about bread making doesn't even mention it.

  4. Hi Tammi. To answer your question yes i use a stone. I have an old pizza stone its round and has turned quite dark since i started baking bread. I dont know what Mel uses. Cant wait to see your first loaf. I dont have the flat board to flick it on to the stone, I have become quite adept at flicking it from the chopping board onto the stone.
    Have fun
    xx Linda

  5. How pretty. Daffs are one of my favorite flowers! It's funny to see them now ours just finished up the end of April so they haven't been gone all that long.

    This is a treat to see them.

    I use a baking stone reserved only for bread. I just love it. Mine is actually a pizza stone so it is flat and round.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Tammy, I have just stumbled upon your blog and it looks great. I'll be back, if you don't mind.

  7. You're going to looooove your new book!
    Sorry I didn't see this sooner to comment about the stone :)

  8. Love seeing your daff!!
    and can't wait to see your first loaf of bread.

    Thanks for my birthday wishes :)


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