fabric shopping

I headed out this morning to my first crazy fabric sale.
I felt a bit out of my depth in the busy store.
I stayed under my predetermined self imposed budget.
This gorgeous Japanese fabric was the only one I bought in metres. It has the afternoon light playing across it in this photo.

I bought all of these 30cm lengths too. I didn't realise till I took the photo that I had a botanical thing going on. As I was choosing my pieces a lovely lady near by told me they looked beautiful together which was not my intent, but a nice compliment. I was choosing pieces that held "I love it" appeal so I will be sure to use them. I chose two spotted pieces to round out my eight and I see spots as a basic design that will be used at some stage for sure.

I had a chat to a lady in front of me at the register with about 10 to 15 fabrics in her pile, she started to tell me about the quilt she was making - which fabric would be in the centre and which would contribute to the surrounding strips, I loved the array of colours and assorted patterns and prints she had stacked up, the way everyone interacted was lovely and I see the quilters are a friendly community :) So while I'm still not really into quilting right now, my interest was peaked a little again today, I don't rule it out as a possibility somewhere in my future.
I'd like to go back to that shop at some time and have a browse around when its not so busy and theres not so much of the stock walking around tucked under someones arm. They were doing a fantastic job of refilling the shelves after the cuts were made, they were BUSY but friendly and it was really all very well done and organised.

I also went into the Plaza and bought some loaf tins, I don't have one and bread making is calling, calling ...


  1. Hmmmm I'm guessing you went to the same place as my Mum [quilter indeed] did today :o)

    Love what you got and honestly I think quilting must be the only thing you dont do.

    You really are amazing and I think perhaps you dont sleep ;o)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend
    Rachie xx

  2. Tammy cant wait to see what you do with the Japanese fabric it looks lovely.
    I sarted of as a quilter but then i found scrapbooking and now i am loving crocheting my dishcloths, oooo to have enough time to do it all would be great.
    Have a good weekend

  3. They look lovely! Great addition to your baby stash!

  4. Oh! Love your 30cm lengths...I saw a pack of 5 fat quarters out shopping the other day in similar colours and can't stop thinking about it *rem*

    Can't wait to see what you make with the Japanesse fabric, I bet R is excited!!

    And I can smell the bread already ;)

  5. That Japanese fabric is gorgeous.
    So glad you enjoyed your shopping trip & I look forward to seeing what you whip up with these beauties :)


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