Artisan Bread in 5 mins a day.

So spending less time online seems to have struck a chord with a few people!

It has me working to a very different rhythm around here which is good, but it will take a while to get used to and work out a new routine I think.

Yesterday I had a chance to whip up a batch of dough for my first attempt at the artisan bread. Things fell together for me nicely when, by chance, I came upon a place selling Pizza stones last week and I remembered where two parts of a large plastic seal able non airtight container were in the house and re united them.

My first loaf did not turn out quite as expected, though was yummy nonetheless. We ate it with dinner.

My dough was not as wet as I expected by the description to start with and my loaf did not expand or rise as I though it would. Not to be put off I prepared another chunk and baked it after dinner.

I did see a difference in the dough after just a few extra hours so I already see a list of things I could do differently to potentially get a better result. I felt like such a good Mumma today packing a lunch that also included home baked bread and actually provided a sandwich of a size better suited to miss 5.

Then today as I was thinking of what would be my ideal home baked bread storage unit I remembered this pretty cheese platter I was given long ago and though I love it rarely use it with a non cheese eating partner.

Thats whats was left of the second loaf this afternoon.

While Miss 5 was at preschool we took Mr 3 for some fun.

It was mostly fun , though when he wasn't getting quite what he wanted ... my fiercely independent little guy ... there were a couple of episodes of this ...

... now tell me have you ever seen such a pout! I do remember being at a kids party last year and another Mum saying Oh no!! somethings wrong! with mild alarm as he walked into the room sporting that lip, I had to tell her it was his stock standard upset face ... often it looks much worse than it actually is.

But there was also lots of this and we had a fun afternoon. : )


  1. So glad you got to enjoy some blue skies and fresh air today T :)

    Great to hear how your bread is going, looking forward to seeing how it goes as you tweek the process!

  2. Great to see how the bread went. I found when I made my first batch of dough the first loaf was dissappinting. But the older the dough got the better. I found by day 3-4 is was amazing, less salty and more sour doughy. I now make a day or two before I use it. Will be interesting to see how your tweaking works out. Great idea on storage too, ours never lasts long enough! xox

  3. I love that pout, my 5 year old used to do that too. You must feel like such a wholesome Mumma baking bread for your family. I can almost smell it from here. XX

  4. I just love that pout. Oh what you will be able to do with that photo in 20 years time.
    I forget to tell you that i actually halve the salt in the recipe and i am a salt lover. The bread looks fine, i love it as toast or garlic bread the next day, and your storage idea is great.Let me know if you try the donuts (my husband is waiting)

  5. I really really need to try the 5 minute artisan bread. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I love the tanty face, I have a couple of those here!!

  7. You kite flying looks great. We have a kite tucked up in the cupboard somewhere - your post was a great reminder for me to take the boys out and fly ours.

  8. great post!! I have this book also but have been a bit timid about starting my breadmaking as I dont have the stone yet...was it expensive?? Have you seen the linen bread bags that soule mama started making?? They look awesome!
    goodluck with your bread making.

  9. We just recently outfitted our boys' lunch boxes with very similar locking airtight containers. Aren't they nice?


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