Another Item from my Trimmings pack

Here is a project I completed yesterday.
I originally started embroidering this knowing I would be making a needle book with it and my plan was to give it to a friend as a Birthday gift. However last week as I opted to machine stitch the back opening of the lining and cover, my machine didn't like it at all and the stitching came out looking less than lovely.

I decided it wasn't good enough to give as a gift and so finished it off for myself, I have really been feeling the need for one for a while so it wasn't a surplus item. I had to find a quick alternate for my friends gift and switched back to what my original idea had been, I found a really great tutorial for one and off I went. I'm not sure that she has it yet so I won't share the pics of what I did send until I hear from her.

I put the items together for my jellywares swap partner today, now here I come up against the imperfect issue again.
Typically I tend to think that imperfections in handcrafted items are part and parcel and help to add to the unique nature of the items. However I realised as I neared the completion of my washcloth that I have made a mistake in the lace placement of the pattern, right back near the beginning it is glaringly obvious to me and I am still wavering on re knitting the item.
Can you tell me your opinions on this. Would it be acceptable to you to receive such an item or would you personally be comfortable giving something handcrafted you knew had an error or imperfection?


  1. ooh! love your needle book!!
    Not sure if you are talking about my gift...did you get my text early this morning?...anyway I love what you made me clever chickie :)

    Tough call about the imperfections in handmade gifts, for me it would depend on the recipient. In a swap I would probably lean towards wanting it to be more perfect.
    Is the mistake really obvious, or is it more that you know it is there?? iykwim

  2. I have one of these needle books and I love it!!! I received it as a gift and I would be lost without it.

    I always refer to the Amish saying when I make a mistake in my work "Only God makes perfection".

    I wouldn't worry too much unless it is glaringly obvious. Ask a friend if they can see the mistake, if not you are safe.

  3. I agree.... I always think leaving a little imperfection is like leaving your own mark on it.

  4. Don't re-knit, knit another and learn from the first one.
    Quilters from long ago used to deliberately make a mistake in a block, called a humility block, so as to keep them less prideful about their work.
    I don't mind recieving things with mistakes in, mine aren't perfect! It can add to the charm, and it more personal not mass produced.
    Remember that we are usually our own worst critics.
    Te needlecase is lovely by the way. I have two recieved in swaps and love them, use them both alot.
    Bec xxx
    Hope that helps????

  5. Ohh I love this idea. I must make one, my needles are a mess. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Thank you for the welcome to Blog Land.

    I am very excited about bringing my little world to the wonderful world of Blog Land.

    The ansewr to your question is yes.

    I am a very proud mother of a very talented daughter.

    Thanks once again.


  7. That is such a hard one. On one hand I think that there is nothing wrong with a bit of imperfection, it is hand made and made with love afterall. On the other hand we are always going to be our own harshest critic and sometimes its hard to see past the mistakes. I LOVE the needlebook thingy though, it looks great.


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