Absent for a few days

I have been busy.
Monday and Tuesday I packed my lunch and my crochet for the long bus trip from Woden and headed off ...

Spending Five hours each day doing something I have been putting off for far too long, the mandatory course that is required for you to do before you sit your test and obtain one of these ...

To my readers who do not know me personally, no, you have not misjudged my age I am nearer to 40 than 15. When I got home I was told to go see the surprise on my pillow, it was for doing a good job that day. : )

As it happened the centre for the course was near to the fabric store I went to last weekend. I went back for a lunch time visit and wandered dazzled through the beautifully colour co ordinated displays of fabric, coming to rest at and not getting past the Japanese fabrics. The fabric I showed last time I originally picked up in a beautiful cherry red but knew Miss 5 would prefer pink, so when I saw this tomato red 30cm length I thought I'd have it and two beautiful mates, boy it was hard to jut choose three. This photo does not do them justice.

Today Dave and I went out for lunch We have been together for 6 years so it was a kind of anniversary congrats licence lunch, there was a salvos store next door and I was thinking I might buy a cute red spotted ladies sun dress for the fabric to make something for Miss 5 until I saw the $20.00 price tag .. a bit too much when I could buy the fabric for that. I did however nab this gorgeous depression glass sugar bowl for $2.00 I envision it as a display bowl in my currently non existent creative space ( LOL ) and these two near new summer tops for Miss at $1.50 each were a good buy.

While I am quietly crocheting a scarf in the background so my hands are busy I am having withdrawals from my sewing machine so I hope to have something creative, of the sewn variety to share with you soon.


  1. good for you Tammy - I bet you are wishing you did it years ago!!! I remember my Mum pushing me at 19 and admonishing me for waiting so long - I'm glad she did :)

  2. Love your purchases, the owls on that fabric are so cute :)

  3. I love going to the op shops :) and knowing that it also helps others in need is great.Congrats again with your license.

  4. Yay! Congratulations Tammy on your licence :)

    I so love that sweet drawing, what a gorgeous little treasure :)
    and LOVE the fabric, isn't Japanese fabric lovely!

  5. Congrats on the licence!!! Gorgeous fabric, especially the one at the front with the owls... Love the op-shop finds too..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  6. Well done Tammy. The little bowl looks gorgeousand the owls..

  7. Good for you Tammy!!!
    Your fabric purchases are lovely and how beautiful is the drawing...Gorgeous!


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