When its cold and grey ...

We start sewing! LOL.

Lil got this great little kit for her birthday all of the pieces are pre cut and have the holes in them, it comes with all of the wools and threads and filling you need to make a stuffed toy, each time she does a little work on it she say's how it will be her best friend and the best toy ever etc.

I had to help her quite a bit with the backstitch facial details but she is a little more confident with attaching the mane.

I got out the machine today and made Sab's Pyjama pants. I have started on my alteration of the top pattern but started to think about it too much so have walked away for a while. I think I'm mentally making it harder than it is, I am telling myself that it is something that is difficult to do. So when I do a piece and it seems easy I tell myself it was too easy and I must be doing something wrong or missing something.

I made some pizza dough a few hours ago, I really enjoy kneading dough ( will learn to make bread one day ) I sat it in front of one of our heating ducts, it looks to be rising nicely. That was the most energy efficient way I could think of getting it to rise by leaving it in a warm place. On a 4 deg day that is the warmest place in our house!

I have had an idea for some of the Oh Cherry Oh pieces .. but am still mulling it over.

Have a nice Friday night all!


  1. How lovely to see some stitching happening at your house. I really love the concentration in the second photo - so sweet :))

    MMmm home made pizza dough - yum - love it :)


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