Updating ... a bit of this and that.

Well it has happened ... our first frost, and the plastic that was protecting my little tom... flattened up against the back fence ... far away from poor sad frost bitten and destroyed Little tom. : ( What a rude introduction to winter for the poor little plant.

I have been crocheting up various self designed ( but I doubt original )little flowers.

The lovely little scrubbie emits a slightly milder but still unpleasant smell when exposed to hot water. While I would not want to put it in my sink to clean dishes, I am happy to used it on the shower screen against the soap scum so all is not lost. Still a bit sad though ... can anyone tell me what you think about trying to make one with jute? would it still be rough when wet?

My happy news for today is the delivery of fabric that arrived this morning ...

Heres a closer look at them all ... the colour is not quite right they are brighter, the red swirly one in the apple range is a real true red. The animal print is more of a deep chocolate than black. They are all just more vibrant than in these pics.

And last but not least this layer cake ..... no I am not intending to make a quilt ... well not yet ... and its not what I had in mind ... I just LOVED this range of fabric, it really appealed to me as patterns from my childhood ... to the retro housewife in me or something ...

A layer cake is 40 10inch squares ... so it will keep me bust making small things ...lol. I do have some ideas. Here is a link I just found that will give you quite a good idea of the other designs and colours in the range if you are interested.

Wherever you are I hope you are warm, the winter chill really hit us yesterday, today the sun is streaming in but I think the warmest it got was 8 deg. We are all rugged up and did make an effort to go out for a play in the sun at around 1.30 for an hour or so. Gotta take what we can get once winter hits and the sun does lift spirits here.


  1. Oh I can see why you like the cherries!!
    I followed the link and found a gorgeous layer cake called birdies, and a honey bun and jelly roll...it would be too easy to build up a huge stash of gorgeous fabric!!!

    Can't wait to see what you create with all that loveliness :)

    Hope you are keeping warm.

  2. and I am whinging because our minimum is 8C!!
    I love the look of all that fabric - I am a 'collector' of fabric at the moment...dreams of sewing fill my head LOL!
    Not sure on the jute for scrubbing - I do know that most natural fibres are actually stronger when went if that helps....

  3. I had to come back an have another read as I was waylaid the first time by the yummy link you gave us !!

    Interesting to hear about the scourer, I'm not sure about how rough the jute would be when wet. I can't think of anything else at the moment that could be suitable, might have to have a look at the tut you mentioned.

    :( for the poor tomato, it had put up such a good fight but Mother Nature won in the end!!

    And I'm wondering which of those fabrics was earmarked for the curtains??

  4. Thank you for your wishes and thoughts while I have ben sick :) I have started knitting again it must be after seeing your lovely scarfs, I am knitting a scarf for the kids.

  5. Wasnt the - 4 last night pleasant :o)

    Someone just said its only 3 degrees outside now WTF??!

    I am useless with all thigns fabric but it is so beautiful - perhaps I could just make small piles of it.

    Cant wait to see what you make.

    Have a wonderful weekend T.

    Rachie xx

  6. The fabrics are so lovely!! I'm especially fond of the last one (green with birds).


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