Today I ...

... Did a little baking.

... Crept out side to try to take a picture of a pair of Eastern Rosella's that came down, I must admit I was feeling VERY lucky after seeing the Young Crimson Rosella and king parrotts that visited yesterday, even luckier when this flighty one turned to face the camera before flying away.

... admired the texture in this dishcloth I crocheted last night while watching a movie and finished off today. I really like the little scalloped edge. I went back to using the original 4 ply cotton that I knitted with and it has crocheted up really nicely. I tried one in a double crochet then pulled it undone after a few rows as I like this closer knit texture much better.

... Did a little more work on 'Fergus' From my Umbrella Prints Trimmings pack. He looks Ok here but I think I might have ruined him after this, he really was growing on me too. Well Sab told me 'Iss Beautiful Thanks Mum' So I guess Fergus will still be loved and have an owner even if I think his makeover may have gone awry.


  1. Oh yum - I wish I could have a bit of that chocolate slice for dessert!

  2. I think that there is nothing better than home made biscuits. I finished my first dish cloth last night and am very impressed had to photo it quickly so i could use it. Ugh I actually wanted to wash the dishes.

  3. Love your dishcloth, the edge looks great clever girl!
    Fergus is looking kinda cute there, Jake would love him too...well except for him being pink lol!!

  4. Hi! Thanks for popping over to my little blog. Question - how is the dish cloth going? Love it! xox


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