Today I ...

... Washed and or aired all of our bedding.

... Baked some sultana cookies ( using my most versatile biscuit recipe ever )

... Went to the Markets at Belconnen with the Mr and the kids. Got some more organic shampoo to try, some artificial colour free custard powder and some organic coconut. I am looking forward to whipping up some chocolate slice with coconut in it again!

... Made Miss a headband loosely based on this tutorial I think hers is neater at the ends. I used this fabric as I had a piece already roughly the right size, now I know I can do it, I'll whip up a few more : )

... created temporary space for all of my fabric and in doing so found 4 large incomplete cross stitch projects from LONG ago, 3 embroidery hoops, a bag of ribbon, including several silk lengths and assorted cross stitch patterns and publications.

... and lastly I am going to settle down and watch some telly with the Mr while eating a home-made raspberry and apple tart with custard and then have an early night in my freshly made bed!


  1. That last point sounds like a perfect end to the day!!

    Love the headband, the flower motif is cute...did your sewing machine do that?

  2. can i have a little of ur energy tammy. please
    the headband looks gorgeous and the desert sounds lovely. we just had some apple and apricot crumble but it came in a box, far from homemade. enjoy ur night.

  3. Sweet headband Tammy & great job with it too.
    You've just reminded me that I have a Christmas stocking to cross stitch for Molly. It will be that time of year before I know it.

  4. No Jaki it wasn't my machine its a motif embroidered on the fabric.

  5. Sounds like such a lovely day Tammy, I found some unfinished XStitches the other day also ;) always lovely to find treasures like that in your home isn't it :)

    the pictures aren't showing at the moment on this post, I'll have to have a lookie at Rachel's new headband another day :)

    hope you are having a lovely weekend, Gillx


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