Sunday - Waste not

I finished the pyjamas ... Hooray.
I altered the pattern OK but not exactly right. Certainly not what I envisioned when I bought the fabric, but I see that this is a learn through experience skill and so I'll keep at it, he will at least get a few wears out of his PJ's and hopefully winter, they are a little difficult to get over his head and I think a little more narrow than what would be ideal. We will see after a few wears I guess. The pants I am happy with, the top ... Hmmm. It ended up being an expensive exercise and I am somewhat harshly judging myself, as its frustrating when I can't translate what is in my mind.

Once I finished the PJ's I was straight onto these. I had a discussion with Hubby about napkins the night before and he thought it was worth a try. We have deducted that we made such a notable dent in our weekly grocery shop spend by cutting out and reducing the disposables and cleaning products. So going for reuseable rather than disposable, and using Bi carb and Vinegar as well as making our own washing powder. The next obvious area we could consciously reduce disposable product is paper towels.

Hence some gorgeous Oh-Cherry-Oh Napkins with another 5 ready to be stitched. I eventually stopped sewing yesterday as the kids were starting to feel like they had been orphaned by my sewing machine. As soon as I showed them R claimed the pink one and C went for the red, they wanted to use them last night so I let them and washed them today. I hadn't considered that the novelty of something new would help with the introduction to them, of course the bright cheery designs are also a plus!

So in the theme of waste not, I cooked up these savoury scones today with ham, cheese, parsley, a little finely grated onions and don't tell the kids but all that pumpkin that needed using cooked mashed and added.

We ate them warm with butter for lunch, I froze the left overs, I also made a batch of banana choc chip muffins and cooked up some lamb shanks for dinner served with mashed potato. Yum! A great winter warmer.

While spending my time in the kitchen my head was filled with embroidery images and fabric bags ...


  1. I love the fabric napkin idea. It definitely helps that they're gorgeous!
    I trying to cut down on cleaning products too, so once the supplies have been used, I'm going to try to convert to bicarb and vinegar.

  2. Love your napkins T!!
    A set of 4 or 6 would make a lovely gift.

    And the Pjs look great, don't be too harsh on yourself, just think how much better the next pair will be :)

  3. the jammies are real cute tammy. loving the look of the scones, uve made me hungry now.
    i let out a loud oooohhhhh when i saw ur napkins. very gorgeous. love that fabric

  4. i don't bother wasting my time on making the pj tops - I just buy the long sleeved singlets to go with the home-made bottoms. i can't stand wearing 'woven' on my top half so i figure the kids wouldn't like it either - i need to stretch!!
    I love your napkins :) My kids just use face washers when we eat messy food and yours look much more flash! Thea has been taking her afternoon tea to school all year in a home made fabric bag instead of a zip-lock plastic bag....putting an apple in plastic just seemed silly to me!

  5. Oh boy i giggled about the kids being orphaned by the sewing machine.It is so wonderful to read about and see all the lovely things you ahve been making Tammy.Love the brightness of C's new jammies, and don't be too harsh on yourself.You will get better and better, and one day , you won't even realise, you are sewing without any worries at all.Yum those scones look good alright.I haven't made any in ages.Stay warm down there.

  6. The PJ's look awesome, Tammy!!! With the top, you could always pop a slit in it and overlock or stitch the edges so they don't fray? You've done a fantastic job for your first effort!

    Love those napkins too! Great idea!

    And those scones look absolutely scrumptious!

  7. Love them, I tried sewing pj's way back in high school oh what a mess lol when sam and joel were little I made sheets , I am still knitting sams scarf peyton got to it and took out the knitting needle oh well will start again tonight :)

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  9. Good idea P, with the apple in fabric bag!
    Oh no Melanie! curious little kiddos huh, I keep mine in a big paper bag that was from Mathers and the kids know they can only touch it when its in my hands ... good luck with it!

  10. The pjs look great. I have to make my 14 year old some more pjs, right now he prefers fleecy trackpants. Have been threatening to make him footsies as he pulls the bottom of the leg right over his feet to keep them warm.

    Along a similar line of the apple in a fabric bag, when my kids went on school excursions instead of putting their lunches in plastic shopping bags (as stated on the notes sent home) I always used a calico bag that the kids wore strung over their shoulder. It was a lesson learnt on one kindergarten excursion as a parent helper, I was trailing up the rear, picking up pieces of lunches being left behind due to the bags tearing from being dragged along the ground.

  11. Gosh, you have been busy! LOVE the pyjamas - so, so good and gosh they look nice and warm.
    Thankyou for your lovely comments about the magazine too, that was so nice of you.

  12. I just love your napkins. We have been using cloth for awhile now and like you every one has their own favorites.

    I don't find that they or cloth towels in place of paper towels add to the laundry enough to notice.

    They turned out juat great, and I love the PJ's too.



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